Shelby Park's QH models

Garbaroo War Rhythm & Shelby Skippa Bars Garbaroo War Rhythm & Shelby Cool Bars
OF Breyer Treasure Hunt Lady Phases - short tail variation.
Shelby Skippa Bars Shelby Skippa Bars
OF Breyer bay Quarter Horse Mare
Leo Ali Baba Leo Ali Baba
OF Stone "All I can bee aka 'Ali'"
Ollie Deck Ollie Deck
OF stone #9965 Millenium horse
Shelby Reed Deck Shelby Reed Deck
OF Breyer #5201 QH & Rider
Blazin Lena Blazin' Lena
OF Stone #9621
Shelby Glacier Shelby Glacier
OF Stone "Glacier" SR
Painter Painter
OF Breyer SR Watchful Mare and Foal
Shelby Leo's Cloud Shelby Leo's Cloud
OF Breyer Watchful Mare and Foal SR
Painter and CloudPainter and Shelby Leo's Cloud
Dark Deal Dark Deal
OF Breyer SR Night Deck
Shelby Dark Wimpy Shelby Dark Wimpy
OF Breyer Classic QH foal.
Shelby King's Nimbus Shelby King's Nimbus
OF Breyer "Silver Knight" Connoisseur SR
Nevada Leo Wimpy Nevada Leo Wimpy
OF Winner's Choice Jacody
If you or anyone you know has ANY of the trad scale winner's choice models for sale (any condition), please let me know!
Mr Bow Jangles Mr Bow Jangles
Breyer stock horse stallion? or stud spider RRH by Kerralie Banham circa 1985
Shelby Classy Warrior Shelby Classy Warrior
OF Breyer #746 QH foal
Leo Bar None (dec) Leo Bar None
OF Breyer #759 Doc Bar
Shelby Executive Shelby Executive
OF Stone Pretty Executive
Ima Cool SeekerIma Cool Seeker
OF Breyer Signing party SR
OF Breyer classic stallion Walmart SR
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