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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle earned very little for the first Sherlock Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet published in Beeton's Christmas Annual for 1887. That edition is now one of the most expensive items in literature collections. In fact, recent facsimile editions themselves have become very collectable, and also expensive. Doyle wrote a total of 60 stories in all, 56 short stories and 4 novels, about Sherlock Holmes over a period of 40 years. The last of the 60 tales was published in the April 1927 issue of The Strand. Sherlock Holmes is now available in dozens of languages (including brail, shorthand, Esperanto); and in books, comics, CD, floppy disk, audio tape and online on the web. This listing is the history of each of the 60 tales, when and where they were first seen by the public at large.

StudA Study in ScarletBeeton's Christmas Annual1887
  Ward, Lock & Co. (London)1888
  J.B.Lippincott Co. (New York)1890
SignThe Sign of the FourLippincott's MagazineFebruary 1890
  Spencer Blackett (London)1890
  P.F. Collier (New York)1891
ScanA Scandal in BohemiaThe Strand MagazineJuly 1891
RedHThe Red-Headed LeagueThe Strand MagazineAugust 1891
IdenA Case of IdentityThe Strand MagazineSeptember 1891
BoscThe Boscombe Valley MysteryThe Strand MagazineOctober 1891
FiveThe Five Orange PipsThe Strand MagazineNovember 1891
TwisThe Man with the Twisted LipThe Strand MagazineDecember 1891
BlueTAO the Blue CarbuncleThe Strand MagazineJanuary 1892
SpecTAO the Speckled BandThe Strand MagazineFebruary 1892
EngrTAO the Engineer's ThumbThe Strand MagazineMarch 1892
NoblTAO the Noble BachelorThe Strand MagazineApril 1892
BeryTAO the Beryl CoronetThe Strand MagazineMay 1892
CoppTAO the Copper BeechesThe Strand MagazineJune 1892
 The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesGeorge Newnes, Ltd. (London)1892
  Harper & Bros. (New York)1892
SilvSilver BlazeThe Strand MagazineDecember 1892
  Harper's WeeklyFebruary 25, 1893
CardThe Cardboard Box 1,2The Strand MagazineJanuary 1893
  Harper's WeeklyJanuary 14, 1893
YellThe Yellow FaceThe Strand MagazineFebruary 1893
  Harper's WeeklyFebruary 11, 1893
StocThe Stockbroker's ClerkThe Strand MagazineMarch 1893
  Harper's WeeklyMarch 11, 1893
GlorThe Gloria ScottThe Strand MagazineApril 1893
  Harper's WeeklyApril 15, 1893
MusgThe Musgrave RitualThe Strand MagazineMay 1893
  Harper's WeeklyMay 13, 1893
ReigThe Reigate SquiresThe Strand MagazineJune 1893
 The Reigate Puzzle (US title)Harper's WeeklyJune 17, 1893
CrooThe Crooked ManThe Strand MagazineJuly 1893
  Harper's WeeklyJuly 8, 1893
ResiThe Resident PatientThe Strand MagazineAugust 1893
  Harper's WeeklyAugust 12, 1893
GreeThe Greek InterpreterThe Strand MagazineSeptember 1893
  Harper's WeeklySeptember 16, 1893
NavaThe Naval TreatyThe Strand MagazineOct. & Nov. 1893
  Harper's WeeklyOctober 14 & 21, 1893
FinaThe Final ProblemThe Strand MagazineDecember 1893
  McClure's MagazineDecember 1893
 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 1George Newnes, Ltd. (London)1894
  Harper & Bros. (New York)1894
HounThe Hound of the BaskervillesThe Strand MagazineAug. 1901 - April 1902
  George Newnes, Ltd. (London)1902
  McClure, Phillips & Co. (New York)1902
EmptTAO the Empty HouseThe Strand MagazineOctober 1903
  Collier's WeeklySeptember 26, 1903
NorwTAO the Norwood BuilderThe Strand MagazineNovember 1903
  Collier's WeeklyOctober 31, 1903
DancTAO the Dancing MenThe Strand MagazineDecember 1903
  Collier's WeeklyDecember 5, 1903
SoliTAO the Solitary CyclistThe Strand MagazineJanuary 1904
  Collier's WeeklyDecember 26, 1903
PrioTAO the Priory SchoolThe Strand MagazineFebruary 1904
  Collier's WeeklyJanuary 30, 1904
BlacTAO Black PeterThe Strand MagazineMarch 1904
  Collier's WeeklyFebruary 27, 1904
ChasTAO Charles Augustus MilvertonThe Strand MagazineApril 1904
  Collier's WeeklyMarch 26, 1904
SixNTAO the Six NapoleonsThe Strand MagazineMay 1904
  Collier's WeeklyApril 30, 1904
3StuTAO the Three StudentsThe Strand MagazineJune 1904
  Collier's WeeklySeptember 24, 1904
GoldTAO the Golden Pince-NezThe Strand MagazineJuly 1904
  Collier's WeeklyOctober 29, 1904
MissTAO the Missing Three-QuarterThe Strand MagazineAugust 1904
  Collier's WeeklyNovember 26, 1904
AbbeTAO the Abbey GrangeThe Strand MagazineSeptember 1904
  Collier's WeeklyDecember 31, 1904
SecoTAO the Second StainThe Strand MagazineDecember 1904
  Collier's WeeklyJanuary 28, 1905
 The Return of Sherlock HolmesGeorge Newnes, Ltd. (London)1905
  McClure, Phillips & Co. (New York)1905
VallThe Valley of FearThe Strand MagazineSept 1914 - May 1915
  Smith, Elder & Co. (London)1915
  George H. Doran (New York)1915
WistTAO Wisteria LodgeThe Strand MagazineSept. & October 1908
  Collier's WeeklyAugust 15, 1908
BrucTAO the Bruce-Partington PlansThe Strand MagazineDecember 1908
  Collier's WeeklyDecember 18, 1908
DeviTAO the Devil's FootThe Strand MagazineDecember 1910
  The Strand Magazine (US)Jan. & February 1911
RedCTAO the Red CircleThe Strand MagazineMarch & April 1911
  The Strand Magazine (US)April & May 1911
LadyThe Disappearance of Lady Frances CarfaxThe Strand MagazineDecember 1911
  The American MagazineDecember 1911
DyinTAO the Dying DetectiveThe Strand MagazineDecember 1913
  Collier's WeeklyNovember 22, 1913
LastHis Last Bow (Story)The Strand MagazineSeptember 1917
  Collier's WeeklySeptember 22, 1917
 His Last Bow 2John Murray (London)1917
  George H. Doran (New York)1917
MazaTAO the Mazarin StoneThe Strand MagazineOctober 1921
  Hearst's InternationalNovember 1921
ThorThe Problem of Thor BridgeThe Strand MagazineFeb. & March 1922
  Hearst's InternationalFeb. & March 1922
CreeTAO the Creeping ManThe Strand MagazineMarch 1923
  Hearst's InternationalMarch 1923
SussTAO the Sussex VampireThe Strand MagazineJanuary 1924
  Hearst's InternationalJanuary 1924
3GarTAO the Three GarridebsThe Strand MagazineJanuary 1925
  Collier's WeeklyOctober 25, 1924
IlluTAO the Illustrious ClientThe Strand MagazineFeb. & March 1925
  Collier's WeeklyNovember 8, 1924
3GabTAO the Three GablesThe Strand MagazineOctober 1926
  Liberty MagazineSeptember 18, 1926
BlanThe Adventures of the Blanched SoldierThe Strand MagazineNovember 1926
  Liberty MagazineOctober 16, 1926
LionTAO the Lion's ManeThe Strand MagazineDecember 1926
  Liberty MagazineNovember 27, 1926
RetiTAO the Retired ColourmanThe Strand MagazineJanuary 1927
  Liberty MagazineDecember 18, 1926
VeilTAO the Veiled LodgerThe Strand MagazineFebruary 1927
  Liberty MagazineJanuary 22, 1927
ShosTAO Shoscombe Old PlaceThe Strand MagazineApril 1927
  Liberty MagazineMarch 5, 1927
 The Case Book of Sherlock HolmesJohn Murray (London)1927
  George H. Doran (New York)1927
 Sherlock Holmes:
The Complete Short Stories
John Murray (London)1929
 Sherlock Holmes:
The Complete Long Stories
John Murray (London)1929
 The Complete Sherlock Holmes 3Doubleday, Doran & Co. (Garden City)1930

1 Card was not included in the George Newnes, Ltd. edition nor the second and subsequent editions from Harper & Bros.
2 Card appears in both John Murray & George H. Doran editions
3 In two (2) volumes

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