Words fail to express how I feel joy and excitement in presenting this web site dedicated to our legendry Mark Knopfler.

I am grateful to my friend Junaid, helping me with his each & every useful tips and ideas on the art of web designing.

And, how can I forget my Brazilian friend Fabia, who not only provided me the vast collections of rare & most valued Pictures of Mark Knopfler, but also sent me the genuine autograph of our hero, for which I will be thankful to her forever.

And above all I owe my thanks to those fine & useful web sites of Mark Knopfler from which  I gained lots of inspirations.

I assure to all that this website is not meant for any business purpose, but this is a way of expressing our deep dedication, affections and love to our legend Mark Knopfler from his real and true fans.

Further, I would like to apologize, if there is any discrepancy shown in my work or may be the matter of copy right in some materials.

Shoaib Knopfler                                                                                                                                       15/March/2004


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