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Oh Dear Mark Knopfler,

We love you all. You live in our heart and in our soul
Your unique and purest music works like medicine to all 

You are the legend. You are the pioneer of music world
We feel your music in breath, in soul and in our blood 

Your guitar works are not only amazing but also the wonder
Your music has changed so many lives. You are real number

You are our valued love. You are our ideal and our real hero
Without your finest music our dream world is less than zero 

You are the heartbeats of billions around and across the world
Your everlasting music is above all of the best in the world 

Dire Straits to Shangri-La, you have given us the crystal pure music 
It seems that we all exist, but we are suffering in true lovesick 

Your charitable work and miracle music will surely never die 
Your charming music will soar higher and higher in the sky 

This little poem can't express properly our feelings for you
This poem is only to say, "We love you, love you, love you" 

Written by : Shoaib Knopfler


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