Cotton on Red Velvet Cover . Size: 70x40cms / 27.5x16 inches.

Imago Sacratiss Sindonis D.N.I. Christi- Quam Taurinenses in Sacrario Regis Religiose Veneratur AB Archetypo Derivata. Ricordo della Solemne Ostensione fatta in Torino nel Maggio 1898 . Con Approvazione dell´Autoritá Ecclesiastica.


1. Sindonic Christ (corpus) in bronze casting: 18x16´(45x40cms.), 3kgs (6.6 pounds).

2. Holy Face of Tours: cloth on original frame (ca.1930) with lacred Vatican seal.11x8.5´ (28x22cms).

3. Holy Face of Tours: cloth unframed. 11x8.5´ (22x28cms).

4. Holy Shroud on cloth. 27x10´ (70x26cms) adquired at Turin Cathedral.

5. Holy Face from Shroud on cloth. 10x8.5´ (26x22cms) adquired at Turin Cathedral

6. Holy Face from Shroud (photo) by Celine Martin (Carmel de Lisieux) 1904 with Benediction from Pope Pius X.     11x14´.

7. Lithographs: Holy Faces from Shroud of Turin by : Ariel Agemian 16x12¨. (41x31cms) ; Spanish artist unknown    8x10´; Gabriel Max 8x10¨; Mexican artist unknown 18.5x14' (47x35cms) ;  Mons. G. Ricci´s 8x10¨; Curtis Hooper 11x14¨; R.C.Bailey 8x10´ with Certificate of Authentification.

8. Medals: Frontal Image of Shroud of Turin(silver); Holy Face from Shroud 1978  Conmemorative; Holy Face from Shroud by Fernando Bassani; Holy Face from Shroud by Brunner (2medals with the Holy Face devotion by Sr. Pierina in 3 languages).

9. Photos, postcards, prayers, etc. on  Holy Shroud of Turin  et al.