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This collection of resources includes some general resources and some on music of specific cultures.
This department last updated 14 April 2000

World Music Guides

Cultural Music Traditions Worldwide
The History of Music
Essentials of (Western) Music
Music Topics and Web Sites
Ethnomusicology Online
Scholarly Journal on World Music
Fortune City Music Web Ring
Music and Arts
Artists, Genres, Performance, Other Arts
The Cyber Hymnal
1300 Christian hymns. Lyrics, sound, background information, photos, links. MIDI files and scores you can download

Popular Commercial Music

CNET MP3 Topic Center: MP3 search box
Launch: News, Reviews, Previews, Interviews
CD Now: Review and Purchase Music, Many Links
Music Boulevard: News, Reviews, Purchase and
World Links
Mass Music: Hard to Find Items for Audiophiles
Liquid Audio Online Music
The Incredibly Small Concert Hall: A Gallery of artists of ALL styles of music
Hear their music, learn about them, buy some over the Net if you like it.

Some cultural musical forms

Chinese Music
Celtic Folk Music
Hazara Music (Afghanistan)
Indian Music and Dance and other Arts
Kurdish Music
Music in Russia

Infoseek Metasearch
RealPlayer files of Albanian music of various kinds

The Arabic Music Page
Arabic and Mediterranean Music
Arabic Music: Online Samples, Info and Sales

Live Ireland
Irish Music Box
Celtic Legacy
Modern and Traditional Music, Radio, Other Khmer Links
Streaming Khmer Music, Other Khmer Sites

Native American
American Indian Music Recordings
Recorded Native American Music for Sale
Native American Musical Instruments

Further Native American Cultural Links
Native Nations
Native American Home Pages, Treaties, Histories, Nations

Romany (Gypsy)
Music Dance
See also Flamenco and Fado

Scottish: Celtic Rock from RunRig
Flamenco:  History, Culture, Teaching Aids
The Flamenco Web Ring

Fado (Portugal)
Fado Fado Lyrics

This department last updated 18 December 2006

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