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Last Update: 09/10/99

This is not a GAG !

Indeed, this is not a Graphic Adventure Game (G.A.G.) as you might think. Rather, it's a system to create and run 2D graphic adventure games. No Java knowledge required! . No internet connection required!
It includes a small fully playable adventure, for you to have fun immediately.
It's entirely written in Java, so non-Wintel users can also enjoy playing and creating that kind of games.

MS-DOS 98 Macintosh Linux

I wanted it to be a strong base for future developments, so this is not just another little applet. It's intended to be run offline.
The engine is free for non-commercial use.


- 24 bit color support
- MIDI, RMI, AU and WAV support
- AVI, MOV, MPEG1 support
- Path searching
- Complete "old style" interface
- Scrolling in any direction
- Recorded speech support
- Several controlable characters
- Alpha transparency
- Full-screen support
- Save & Load games

What's new?

09/10/99   Yet another Service Pack is available for download.

31/08/99   Another Service Pack is available for download.

15/08/99   Service Pack available for download.

25/07/99   Added full-screen support.

10/07/99   Added video support, and transparency.

09/05/99   Service Pack 1 available for download. This patch fixes several issues reported.

26/04/99   New game under development: The Book Of Spells

21/04/99   Added color lighting and single inheritance. Tutorial enhanced thanks to users' comments.

31/03/99   Added visual transition effects, Map mode, and hot cursors.

10/03/99   A new game is under development using the engine. Check it out! The author is seeking graphic help.

17/02/99   Added full conversations support!

11/01/99   Added many cool sound effects. You can now hear the footsteps when characters walk.

06/01/99   Started developping a visual editor, so as to avoid typing scripts to create adventures! This will take a very long development time, but you can have a look at a screenshot.

   Added right mouse button support, and default verbs for items.

   New version with enhanced scripting language, increased frame rate, and better IE 4 support.

   New raytraced logo. ;-)

   Engine updated. New version with numerous interface fixes and increased customisation options.

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