LoadBar Applet

Your visitors close their browsers before your beautiful Applet gets any chance to finish loading and showing up?
What a pitty... Maybe these people just don't know the word 'patience'? Or maybe there is a solution!

LoadBar is a small Java Applet that loads files from a list, and graphically displays the progress of the loading process.
The idea is that the files will hopefully be kept in your system's Cache.
Once all files have been loaded, it switches to another page, typically containing the big Applet you wanted to show in the first place. That one should then load instantly.
Full source code is included.

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loadbar.zip [15 KB]

Installing and Launching

1. Open LOADING.HTM with your favorite HTML editor and modify the Applet's parameters to suit your needs, as follows:

BACKGROUNDIMAGE = url of optional picture, shown behind the color bars.
FILELIST = url of the list of files to load. For each filename, please indicate the size in KB (see LIST.TXT example enclosed).
EXITPAGE = url of page to load when finished loading.

2. Modify the list of files to load in LIST.TXT

3. Upload the files LOADING.HTM, LIST.TXT and LOADBAR.JAR to your website.


The Book Of Spells         Example of a web site using LoadBar.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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