Dining Room Table Tutorial


Pat Connelly

dr_end_final.jpg (71386 bytes)


End View of our Trestle Table


dr_side_final.jpg (57478 bytes)


Side View of our Dining Room Table



dr_tab_end.jpg (26163 bytes)This is an actual polaroid snapshot of an end view of our dining room table.  I made the above model of our dining room table to see if I could actually model a real life object to scale.  Though it seems to be an awe inspiring project for a beginning modeller such as myself, it was not too difficult once I broke it down into it's component parts.   The table is composed of eleven different component parts which I have kept grouped together rather than joining them at when finished.  It would have been quicker and easier to apply the same woodgrain textures and attributes to a single object, but the grain runs in different directions on all the different pieces of wood.  The diagram below shows each of the parts.  The individual diagrams are not to scale as I preferred to have a more accurate ( larger ) diagram of each object.  The links at the end of this page will show in more detail how I created each component part.



table_parts.gif (30522 bytes)

Dining Room Table Component Parts


Modelling the Component Parts

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