Simple Box Step


Pat Connelly


12step_boxa.gif (23589 bytes)


This is my first attempt at human motion.  Yuck!   This is an 120 frame animation with 12 frames that are just replicated.  I needed a lot of frames for my mpeg/avi animation to be slow enough to be more than a blur.   My original 91 frame animation used state morphing which actually required that I manually adjust the feet position in each individual frame.  Boy, that is tedious, particularly when I only wanted to practice imitating human motion.  I only adjusted every second or third frame and the final animation resembled Michael Jackson's "moonwalking" with slippery foot motion.  There has got to be an easier method.   I then created this current 80 frame animation with 12 distinct frames which are replicated in the 12 frame gif shown above.  There is no state morphing.   Basically, the man just stands in each of the 12 different poses for 10 frames. This was much easier to create though the animation is a little blocky.  I would love to know what anyone else is doing.  A picture of the action editor is shown below which shows how to stop Imagine from state morphing.  Make sure the spline interpolation button is off.

stage1.gif (1697 bytes)Each 10 frame grouping has single frame of state a, followed by 9 similar frames of state a.


ruler1.gif (3606 bytes)I was also having trouble determining foot placement, particularly when moving the man as "bounding boxes".  I made a ruler to better determine foot placement.  The ruler is shown to the left.  You may download the object here.


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