IMP Tech Issues

Counter times.

The Tech Team

I've assembled a list of the current team members. If you are not on it and want to be, see the info at the IMP home page.

Image Size/Frame Rate

See the page here.


We are starting for now with this units include file If is not used, we are trying to assume 1 unit=1 meter. If is used, then the ratio is not really important. There still needs to some issues resolved with this.

Open Issues

Feel free to send me mail if you know anything specific on any of these, and/or think that you should be included in discussions on them.

Rob Napier has been working on a task-list for the project. It's still being debugged, but I think you can go ahead and start to use it.


I have some notes on using Java for IMP stuff.

This was updated on Dec-19-1998.