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Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone (714) 574-2411
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Jon A. Cruz

Objective Secure a software engineering position that provides a challenging environment and the opportunity for innovation.
Functional summary
  • Strong team leader.
  • Proficient in both applications and tools development.
  • Multimedia specialist with PC, set-top and Macintosh experience.
  • Experienced in application internationalization, including most major Far East languages.
  • Excellent at reaching engineering solutions with business needs in mind.
  • Experienced with developing both Internet applications and WWW sites.
  • Technologies include: Win31, Win32 NT/95, MCI, GUI, HTML, CSS, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, MPEG, VCD, CD-i, CD-RTOS, ISO-9660, TCP/IP, OOD, OOP, I18N, and L10N.
  • Registered Apple Newton developer.
Employment 1995 - 1998 Twin Sun, Inc. El Segundo, CA
Senior Engineer
  • Project Lead and main client development for the Utaraku Internet Karaoke system. Home and professional multimedia karaoke system that received updates via CD's or the Internet. Fully internationalized, including Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Wrote client software for custom dial-up and HTTP transfers. Software for Win95 & WinNT. Was written in C/C++ with server-side components in C and CGI.
  • Netio team member. Java based Internet appliance. Provides mail and network with internationalized support for IMAP, WebMail, etc. Was responsible for i18n, browser issues, IMAP and HTTP handling, all written in Java utilizing OOD/OOP on a Linux platform. Also transitioned the project from Jigsaw to Servlets.
  • ManaShop sales kiosk. Director based programming. Extensive OOP with Lingo and custom extensions in C/C++.
  • WWW specialist. Set company standards for graphics and page authoring.
Free-lance Consultant/Programmer
  • Developed an MLS application and development system for Sony MMCD hardware in C & x86 assembly. Included custom search and retrieval engine and a total system capacity of text and graphics for over 25,000 listings.
1992 - 1995 CD-Interactive, Inc. Fountain Valley, CA
Senior Media Engineer
  • Managed 6 person engineering department and participated in most major client and pitch meetings.
  • Created consumer CD-i applications for Japanese, Korean and domestic markets. Work done in C and 68K Assembly. Included extensive interfacing with art department and graphics issues.
  • Responsible for initial training of LG Media, Goldstar's Interactive Media division, upon it's formation. Created engineering course work and taught the more advanced sessions. Included VCD and MPEG production training.
  • Systems integration of a custom format digital audio CD workstation for a division of Sony. Included writing custom CD image building software in C.
  • Created MS Windows based custom player software for MPEG & VCD. Written in C/C++ and utilized MCI.
  • Created pseudo-real time video capture system in C and x86 Assembly.
  • Created Windows multimedia authoring system in C/C++ for CD-i children's titles. Written in C for Windows 31 & Windows NT. Included custom playback routines and real-time synchronization for CD-i graphics formats and ADPCM audio on the Windows platform.
1990 - 1992
Free-lance Consultant/Programmer
  • For Magna-Code Systems, created a video ID system used by a California State agency. Two workstations badged over 5,000 people in the first 2 weeks of use. Duties included sales presentations in addition to development in C & x86 Assembly. Wrote custom low-level drivers for dye-sublimation photo printers.
  • 3D design, flow, modeling and animation for dungeons in StoneKeep, Interplay's $5M game. Duties included analysis and choice of current 3D software, 3D graphics production procedures and cross-platform compatibility.
  • For Magna-Code Systems, did extensive work with various xBase programs for ID badge creation and tracking.
Languages Java, C/C++, Assembly (68K, x86, 68xx), NewtonScript, Director Lingo, Pascal, Object Pascal.
O/S's Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, DOS, OS/9, CD-RTOS, Linux, Unix.