New Hampshire BBS List for 5.1.1998

Town BBS Name BBS Number Comments
Concord The Four Winds BBS 603.226.3344 18 CDROMS,56 door games, networks
Concord SSD Communications 603.227.9414  
Deerfield The Computer Lab 603.463.5837  
Epping Linux.Virgin 603.679.8737  
Farmington Total Station 603.859.2361  
Gilford Tower Of Destiny BBS 603.293.0580 Inter-bbs gaming, NirvanaNet
Goffstown Route 666 603.497.3499 Iniquity BBS Support Site,Art
Gonic Brickyard BBS 603.332.0419 Files, Fidonet, online games
Hinsdale Medics Meeting House 603.256.6931  
Hudson Bulldog BBS 603.575.7807 Huge collection of sound files
Hudson Cuckoo's Nest 603.880.1658  
Keene Alliance BBS 603.352.0194 Music promo, chat,support
Manchester Up All Night BBS 603.647.0552 *Mail System Only*
Manchester Dragnet BBS 603.644.3779  
Meredith The Mountain Odyssey 603.279.9028 Technical,OS/2,RAR support
Merrimack Outer Limits 603.424.4915  
Merrimack VAXCat 603.424.0923  
Milford The Low Road BBS 603.672.3147 PCBoard support, Huge selection of BBS software, latest games, NHBBS list site
Nashua Erotica Plus 603.595.4978  
Nashua Megabyte Modem BBS 603.886.8518 Fidonet, 2.7GB files, OS/2 files
Nashua Underground Connection 603.595.6848  
Newport Icehouse BBS 603.863.3537  
Newport Sugar River Valley BBS 603.863.5731  
Newton Junction Info Rail 603.382.3966  
Northwood The Dog House BBS 603.942.8516  
Northwood Northwood Connection 603.942.5625  
Pelham The Firing Line 603.898.1314  
Penacook The RATS BBS 603.796.2868  
Peterboro ConVal Connections 603.924.0046  
Pittsfield Wacky World BBS 603.435.5523  
Rumney Maxboard 603.786.2349  
Salem Salem Station 603.894.5169  
Somersworth The Polecat BBS 603.743.4366  
Somersworth Xavier Institute Of Higher Learning 603.692.3723 Comic books, games,BBS support, and web page design
Suncook Diode's Playhouse 603.485.9737 Over 75 games, 12000 files, 90 conferences
Sutton NHE Empire BBS 603.927.4273  

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