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                                                         updated 25/08/99
I am open everyday during 10:30 am IST (GMT  5.5). I may not come occasionally on
Tue, Thur, Sat. Enjoy !!!. Just click on the link. This update has Shoot Sadaam game and Win Hack95 registration tool. Of course Stone Cold's Wall paper

Here is My BBS
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www.vmlove.com : - For people who  don't know what VML is.
: - This for those who don't have Cosmo2.1
: - Some commonly asked questions are given in this url. To be updated weekly or when new questions come out
:- Install Cosmo the right way
: - Shoot Sadaam in this game
Win zip is out here is registration for
Win Amp
BBS:- Click here for BBS

             Hold on to your horses people my chat will be out in a few hours
                                       The server I tried is giving problems

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