Yea you can download the newest browsers from all over, but wouldn't it be super-didly-neato to have your own copy of Netscape 1.0. Whoa!!!! Prove to your friends that you were there when the web first started.
*Note, Netscape is free so I feel that I have a right to post these files on my Geocities account. They are copyrighted by Netscape or NCSA. If you're are an authority figure and you have a problem with me posting these files, just tell me alright? I don't want to give my email away so use ICQ. See, if you're really intent on contacting me you'll be looking through my site. If you're some lamer who hates my site and want to pretend to be an authority dude just to piss me off, you probably won't bother to look for my number.
Thx to Chadwick R. Okumoto allowing me to mirror these files

Netscape 0.94 Beta

Netscape 1.0

Mosaic 2.0a2

Netscape 1.1 (Rename to N16E11N.EXE; I actually used this browser when I was a total net newbie)