1. Technical skills
2. Work Experience
3. Projects Completed
4. Education

Technical Skills   


Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.3, ATM, ATM forumís Traffic Management Specification, Motorola DSP 56800 architecture, ARM architecture, SoC design with System-C, Nortel Passport 8600 Enterprise Ethernet Switch


VHDL, Verilog, C, Assembly, Perl

CAE Tools

Synopsys DC and FPGA tools, MTI, Verilog-XL, DeBussy debugger, Exemplar Logic, Xilinx FPGA synthesis tools, Active State (state machine) Editor

Operating Systems

UNIX, MS-Windows

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Professional Experience

i. Working as Consultant with ZaiQ Technologies Inc, since Jan 2000 till date. 

   Consulted for CoWare Inc, Santa Clara, CA

   Nortel Networks, Santa Clara, CA.

ii. Woked as Design Engineer with Motorola India Ltd, since April 99 to Dec 99. 
   (company info at http://www.oocities.org/rajatmr/www.mot.com)

iii. Worked as Design Engineer with CG-CoreEl Logic Systems Ltd., since
     July 97 till April 99. (company info at http://www.oocities.org/rajatmr/www.coree.com)

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Projects Undertaken
10/100Mbps Ethernet NIC

Description         : Design and implement 10/100 Mbps Ethernet NIC to evaluate the MAC core in live network. The MAC with glue logic is implemented to get a complete DLL layer functionality on two Xilinx FPGAs.
Duration             : 10 months
Team Size          : 2
Responsibilities : Been through entire life cycle of the project.

VHDL Network interface card

Detailed info at 10/100Mbps Ethernet NIC

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Project TitleEthernet NIC MII/RMII interface adapter card
Description      : Design and fabricate a addon card for MII/RMII interface card for 10/100 Mbps NIC
Duration          : 2 months
Team Size       : 2
Responsibilities :

Detailed info at MII/RMII interface module

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Project TitleTest Bench for ATM Traffic Policer
Description      : Test the functionality of the Policer Core cell for all types of connections supported by it.
Duration          : 2 months
Team Size       : 1
Responsibilities :

Detailed info at  ATM Trafic Policer


Education Details

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Electrical Communication from PEC, Chandigarh. Passed out in June 1997 and secured 72% marks.

AwardsReceived the silver medal in B.E., for best Major Project.

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