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This is on a day before Holi at Abhi's home, for dinner. Typical Marathi food can be seen with Pooran poli being my most favorite. Aunty (Abhi's mom) has prepared some special thing to make the occasion more festive. From right : Abhi, Aunty, Ratima, Shweta, Sharad and Lalit
Holi, the festival of colors. We had gala time playing holi with full fervor. Lalit had brought some sprinklers and that made it wet - wet all over. The nice part about the picture is that U can actually see the water streams out of the sprinkler
Holi colors are difficult to get rid. All of us expect of I replace Lalit. By the way this is Ratima's place. We had a cool time there and in return we colored the entire place too
Yessss ! those are the Holi colors very much visible on all our faces. Red and blue and green and purple etc. making the occasion very colorful and memorable. I know it is difficult to make out faces but starting from right : Shweta, Abhi, Sharad, Lalit and Ratima
Sunset at Bhugaon lake. It is 25 km from Pune. Place to relax and have fun boating/kyaking.
Lalit  and Shweta at her place one fine morning
A pleasant evening at Bhugaon lake. The four of us were regulars at this place. The dolphin fountain in the backdrop make is all the most picturesque. 
Jan 99 at Pune. From right : Abhi, Shweta, Me and Rejeesh.
At my place in Pune. This on Lalit's arrival to Pune. From right : Shweta, Lalit and me
Obviously me. Standing on a British (1906) cannon. The British fort, located at Mulud - Janjira. Beach between Pune and Bombay. The beauty of the fort is that it is on an island. U can reach to it by boat. Amazingly one can walk to it during 4 hrs of low tide.
Sunrise in Mulud. This is at the beach at 5:50 am. We (me and Sharad) had just arrived here. This was probably the first landscape shot by Sharad with the Cannon under my direction.
Stage two of sun rise at Mulud. Good part is we still could manage to get the reflection of sun on the wet sand. With increasing sun altitude we could manage it with some care. Also the brightness of the sun was just right so as not to blur the film
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