Back in the days of the BBS (bulletin board systems- pre-internet
computer junkie thingies) I would use my dad's 286 (6 MHz processor
2MB RAM) laptop in my bedroom to log on and play around. Now, I had just
finished redecorating my bedroom. If you remember what my room
is like, I have pictures of airplanes that were used in the Gulf War all
around my room. The border goes 20 ft w/o repeating. Anyways, I needed
a screen name when I was first loggin onto FYIowa (the gazette's
BBS that was very popular) I looked at my wall and saw a cool-named plane
called the Foxbat. that was my screenname for a while. then I
found it useful to have multi-personalities online depending on what
mood I was in. The next name was Wild Weasel, also from a plane
on my wall. That guy quickly became unpopular on the site so I had to
kill him and give birth to Apache (as in heliocopter). I didn't
really like Apache myself, but nobody else like who Wild Weasel
turned out to be. Soon the internet came around and I started needing
a screen name for stuff there. I thought about being Wild
Weasel again, but it was too long of a name for Hotmail (they had
short names back then). My friend steve called himself WeedIowa or
Weedster back then. He still calls himself Weedster. I
thought I would kinda associate myself with him and use the name WildWeed.
That worked for a while. As the net grew, so did the number of
users. Soon, WildWeed was such a popular name to use, I couldn't
create new accounts at the places I needed to. I needed to change my
name. Just because I was tired of being wild but still wanted to
keep some of my online identity, I called myself MildWeed. That was
1995, 1996ish. So far I have had no imposter MildWeeds anywhere.
I remain unique.