we are all good and evil. but which do you prefer to be? that's the question. such role models... I mean, would you rather be darth vader or luke skywalker? luke is a pussy. I'm sorry to say, but he is. darth is rather cool. and that emporer guy? he really has power. never mind that he dies. on the other hand, princess leia is probably one of the coolest chicks there is.

These first two are from Steve's coming home party (May '01). He just got back from Montanna!
(It's koolaid in the cups, mom. I swear!:)

This next one was a suprise shot taken of me at my new summer job in early June '01.

These 5 are from Jared and my's roadtrip to Miami of Ohio on Mardi Gras 2000.

This is from winter 2000/01 when I went to my bud Mel's formal.

These pics were shot in like august of 1998.

At a rave (1/01)

doin MIS Club stuff (winter 2000/01)

Goofin off at work (early 1999)

hangin out in the halls at ISU (summer 1998)

um, I think that was about Fall 1997

Various HS dance pictures.

random pictures in general
some people at camp
some really awsome singers at camp
random pictures of people who I did HS drama with back in the day