This website has been established and is managed by Bakhtiar Dargali, a Kurdish-American writer living in Texas. It is dedicated to the friendship between the Kurdish nation and the American people. The mission of this Site is to serve and promote the noble cause of Kurdistan. Ekurd.org will highlight the Kurdish people's just struggle and expose the inhumane nature of the regimes that occupy, oppress, and plunder Kurdistan.

A credible solution to the Kurdish people's struggle for self-determination (including the right to set-up an independent Kurdistan) is THE prerequisite for a stable and democratic Middle East. Peace will be elusive for the Kurdish nation's oppressors until Sarbasty (freedom) makes Kurdistan her home.






The Gallery of Kurdistan's Martyrs

(The height of a Kurdish martyr, wrote a Kurdish poet once, is equivalent to the the height of the country Kurdistan!!!!)

Mustafa Barzani: Born in the den of lions (the village of Barzan in the Iraqi part of Kurdistan) in March of 1903, General Barzani was truly a champion of Kurdish revolution. The Kurdish history of the latter part of the 20th century belongs to this giant leader who broke the silence of unjust status quo with his repeated revolts against tyranny of the evil enemies of Kurdistan. Mustafa Barzani 's uncommon valor implanted fear in the dark hearts of the occupiers of Kurdistan and gave the Kurds hope and belief in themselves.

is.Qazi Mohammed: He was the first president of the first moderrn Kurdish repubic in the Iranian part of Kurdistan. Qazi was executed by the thugs of the fascist Shah of Iran in March of 1947. Qazi was known as Peshawa " the Leader" to the Kurdish masses. He was a true Kurdish Patriot who died for the sacred cause of Kurdistan. Peshawa's path shall continue no matter how hard the task of confronting the dark forces of the occupiers of Kurdistan is.



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The Epic of Handren and the story of the heroes of Kurdistan in the Spring of 1966

TIn the Spring of 1966, the majestic mountain of Handren, located in the Iraqi occupied part of Kurdistan and overlooks the historic Kurdish town of Rawanduz, was the scence of one of the greatest military battles in the history of Kurdistan. On May 2, 1966, Iraqi army began a massive campaign to dislodge a small number of Kurdish peshmerga fighters guarding Handren. The Iraqis succeeded in occupying the highest peak of Handren known as Kapkamoo. On May 12, 1966, 200 Kurdish fighters started a glorious counter attack to retake Handren from the filthy presence of the criminal Iraqi army. In less than 4 hours, the heros of Kurdistan wiped out an entire Iraqi brigade, destroyed 200 bunkers of the occupiers, and freed the whole mountain from the viruses of Iraqi occupation of Kurdistan known as the Iraqi army. The price of this glorious victory was the martyrdom of three of Kurdistan's best ssns: 1- Salih Mam Alyas (from Rawanduz) 2- Hareef Younus (from Hawler city) 3- Kheder Hawla Bag (from Dargala). Then came the Congratulatory message from the lion of Kurdistan, Mustafa Barzani, who hailed this grand victory and praised the peshmerga fighters for this victory:

From: Mustafa Barzani
To: Balek Brigade, Executive Bureau (of the Kurdish revolution), and all bases (of Peshmerga fighters):
Oh heroes of Kurdistan! We thank your efforts in the mountain of Handren and congratulate your heroic acts in the defense of the sacred land of Kurdistan. The Kurdish nation is proud of you and honors you and we pray and ask Almighty's help in giving you the final the victory over oppressor enemies of the Kurdish people.

. Read the story of this great epic from the memoirs of one of the participants

e participants



My Father's Memoires My Father's Memoires


America's National Public Radio (NPR) reports on Kurdistan

(on the NPR's respected Tavis Smiley Show, Harvest University professor Cornel West praises the Kurdish democracy, supports Kurdish people's right for self-determination and thinks Kurdish struggle for independence will be a very important issue of the 21 century)

Know the biography of this giant African-American who is friend of the Kurdish nation. He has been described as " an impassioned minister of the democratic pulpit and a strong advocate of the Progressive vision".








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