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These pages are dedicated to the Nokia Communicator 9000 series mobile telephones. I have designed these pages to become a central starting point for Communicator owners. If you own a Communicator and/or you have any comments or suggestions about these pages, please mail us. I have tried to optimize my pages for viewing on the Communicator itself.  I am looking for help on maintaing this page, if you are interested, please e-mail me!

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Pages That Are Optimized For The Communicator
Marcus' GEOS Releases - Software releases for the Nokia 9000/9000i/9110 Communicator
Communicator Compatible Net
International Herald Tribune - An international newspaper wit a lot of info
Profound Market Prices - Online market prices
MicroCAMPUS - Nokia 9000 optimized webpage design & more!
Links to more Communicator optimized pages
Spits Palmtop - Read one of Holland's newspapers on your Nokia!
Miscellaneous Information - Codes for software and hardware version of the Communicator

Communicator Links (Not optimized for the Communicator!)
The unofficial homepage of the Nokia Communicator - Excellent CC Page!!
The Nokia User's Group (UK)
The Electric Frogplate
Unofficial Danish Support Web-Site for the Nokia 9000(i) Communicator
Nokia Homepage
Nokia Wireless Data Forum
Nokia Communicator 9000 Product Information
The Nokia Partner Program - Add-On Software For The Communicator
The Nokia Partner Program - Web Based Applications For The Communicator
GEOS SDK for the Nokia 9000i Communicator
The Russian Nokia Communicator Site - Also optimized for the Communicator!
MJ Imports- Cellular accessories at rock bottom prices!

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