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Last Updated 9/23/02
Welcome to Frankencow's Site of Stuff.   E-mail me please!!! This site is based on your ideas and what you want to see here.  Feel free to suggest things to add to my site!  The site basically runs on your input.  Even if your just passing through, E-mail me a suggestion real quick! I use almost all of them.  Woohoo!  I've just finished the demo for my new game!  Hopefully this one will work (unlike my maze game).  I added a file that I think was missing from the last one.  This one is a mystery type RPG.  Its revolutionary as far as RPG2000 games go.  CLICK HERE to download it.  Email me with any problems or bugs.  If the link is dead that means Im not done putting it in yet.  Email me if you want it NOW!
Today's Background: Gray (Since blue got boring)
Quote of the day: Oh you hate your job?  Join our support group.  Its called EVERYBODY and they meet at the bar.  ~Drew Carey
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