Instead of transforming into a modern blog, Yahoo has decided to kill off Geocites.  It is a shame to see all of this old content from the early days of the WWW die.  Still it was a fun ride during the heyday of the past.

This site was at one time used to "showcase" my Amiga workbench, then later, to distribute some software that I made.  It also had a few directories for sharing photos with geographically displaced friends and family.  Then, much later, I dabbled a little with penning a little fanfiction.  This was usually uploaded here, where people could, erm, enjoy my horrid attempts at prose.  Finally, I had moved on; however, as it became apparant that my skills for php were greater than that of my skills with the pen.  

In the end, this site, like many others beside it, became a neglected corner of the internet.  The management tools that never really matured, no way to quickly perform a backup of the small free websites, and over-use of advertising finally rendered GeoCities obsolete.  The old days are gone, and this GeoCities user wonders what the system will be remembered for?  Was GeoCities the precursor to the blog?  Was it just a failed attempt at personalized web pages?  Only time will tell what history will view; however, to those of us who were using Geocities in the early days--it was the first vehicle we had to express ourselves to the world.

Goodbye GeoCities, may you rest in piece.