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This page contains the applications I have written for the 3Com PalmPilot and the IBM Workpad.
All applications here are Freeware! Please see the README.TXT file in the packages for more information.

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PocketGui 1.3

PocketGui enables programmers using PocketC to develop applications using a graphical user interface. The library supports 14 different user interface controls like buttons, menus, checkboxes and lists. A resource editor lets you create your controls interactively and saves them to a database. It also generates ready-to-use PocketC code for your application. Full source code included. Requires PocketC Version 2.1 or higher.

Download PocketGui Version 1.3 as

WordBox 1.3

WordBox generates random pronounceable words and names based on trigram probabilities. It can be used to generate random passwords and names. WordBox includes databases from English, German, Spanish, Latin, Japanese and International words and names. The source code is included.

WordBox is written in Java and requires the Waba Virtual Machine to be installed on your PalmPilot. This version is for Waba Beta9.

Download WordBox Version 1.3 as

The trigram databases for WordBox were built based on word lists for the following languages:

ENGLISH 153418 words
GERMAN 186539 words
SPANISH 88986 words
LATIN 43530 words
JAPANESE 52643 words

If you are interested in the word lists, e-mail (You need to remove all underscores in the e-mail address first)

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