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Welcome to
Hoong Rhu's

      Hi there!! You're now entering Hoong Rhu's e-room. I've rename my home page as e-room as it contains mostly my personal stuffs. Curious to know more? Then what are you waiting for? Just browse through any of my pages to know more about me.. -> Have fun!!

Wondering what you'll see here? Try it, you'll be impressed
@  Creative Writings :-      
All my personal writings are here. Poems, articles, essay etc.
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Jokes, humour,optical illusion. Try this Fun Corner. It's fun!!
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All about myself. With the latest happenings around me.
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Old stuffs.. Maybe those that people used to in their "e-garage".

Brief history:

         Hoong Rhu's Personal Home Page was first launched back in the end of 1998, the days where HTML is just starting to gain popularity. Since then, it has undergone many major changes. From the very basic and classic home page, it has now turned into a more interesting home page. In this round of major reconstruction, many new pages were added and in the mean time, the JavaScript menu was also added. This is to make this e-room looks and feels more dynamic. Once again, thank you for your support that enable this site to be here till today!

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