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On this web site, you will find links to many exciting web sites about creating your own digital music as well as links to pertinent information about Mr. Dís Music/Technology course at Kenny C. Guinn Junior High in Las Vegas. This web page is currently under construction, so please excuse the dust! I will be continuing to update when possible. Please enjoy!

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Kenny C. Guinn Junior High Music/Technology Exploration

The following links are for students or parents who want to know what's going on in Mr. D's Music/Technology class or for those who might want to look into the details of a MIDI music curriculum for junior high students.
6th Grade Syllabus
7th/8th Grade Syllabus
6th Grade Assignments
7th/8th Grade Assignments
Typical MIDI Workstation Setup
Contact Mr. D

Some links are not currently available. Look back during August 1999 to see what exciting activities are in store!

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Kenny C. Guinn Computer Corps

This year, eighth grade students at Kenny C. Guinn Junior High will have the opportunity to work in the Computer Corps. Students will be working on projects for the school such as a school web page, parent newsletters, multimedia presentations, and programs for concerts. The students will get a real taste of real work as computer graphics artists, web masters, digital audio/visual specialists, and more. Look here for updates on the Computer Corps!

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Mr. D's Favorites

As some of you know, Mr. D does have a life beyond school! The following are links to some of his favorite sites!
Suzuki Motorcycles SeaRay Boats
DePaul University, College of Music - Chicago Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me
Chicago Cubs The Simpsons


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Mr. D's Technology and Education Links

The following include links to search engines, educational sites, and to my newfound love - Web Quests.

Search Engines

The following are 3 search engines that I use the most. I have also discovered that the newest Macintosh Operating System 8.5 has a search product called "Sherlock". Sherlock will launch a search on the internet and use several search engines simultaneously to find matches for your search.
Search Engines

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Music/Educational Sites

The following are links to sites that are "must" bookmarks for music specialists.
Site Names and Descriptions Resources for Mac audio and midi developers.
The MIDI Directory MIDI resources and free MIDI files.
MIDI files that ROCK! Free MIDI files and links to more MIDI sites! Site for composers to age 39 to share compositions!
K12 Resources for Music Educators Links for music educators.
Music Education Online Find a music teacher, music advocacy articles, music ed links, lessons online, and online bookstore!
Music Educators Technology Resource Great subscription resource!
Classical MIDI Archives Free classical midi files!

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Web Quests

The following are links to some Web Quest examples. I have not found any that relate very well to my subject! My Web Quest- "A Teen's Guide to Music on the Web" will be available here by the middle of June, 1999!
The MusicLand Theme Park Hello Dolly: A Web Quest Radio Days! A Teen's Guide to Music on the Web - My WebQuest

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