Adam's Advanced HTML Guide- Inline Frames

Inline frame is a new concept introduced in Internet Explorer 4 that allows you to create frames that are embedded inside a document. If you don't know what I mean, just take a look at the following example:

Pretty cool, uh? Now I'll show you just how it is created.

leaf.gif (1184 bytes) Syntax of inline frames

Very simple: <iframe></iframe> That's it! Ok, that, plus a few attributes. Below lists the syntax I used to create the above example:

<iframe src="" width=450 height=300"></iframe>

The "src" attribute specifies the file you want to be shown inside the <iframe>, and the width and height attributes, naturally, dictate the dimensions of it.

leaf.gif (1184 bytes) Compatibility issues

As mentioned above, inline frames are only supported by Internet Explorer 4, so if you have a large audience of people using Netscape, you may want to stay away from it. While it is unfortunate that only Internet Explorer supports the <iframe> tag, the good news is that all other browsers will simply ignore it should it bump into <iframe> No irritating JavaScript errors here!


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