By A.R., A.K.A. mafia-man

This is my anti-FortuneCity page, and it's under construction as well. As a lot of you know, FortuneCity is a service that offers free web space, much like Tripod or Geocities. I am very P'O'd with FortuneCity right now. A while back, my page on FortuneCity was removed for "Content violations". I'm not sure exactlty what I did wrong. I'm guessing it is because I had a banner reading "Happy Channukah" near the top of my page. On November 19, 1998, I received this message from FC admin:

Your page(s) at meltingpot/hastings/853 have been removed
as they violated our rules on page content.

Our content regulators had the following comments to make
regarding your content:

Religious content

Please note that we are not in any way biased against any
religions. However, we do believe that religious beliefs
are destructive, and that they have no place on the World
Wide Web, or for that matter, anywhere else. Thousands
of people view FortuneCity member pages every day, some
of them innocent children. They have the right to be protected
from the evils of religion.

Your account for user mafia_man has been deactivated.
You will not be able to use this account, nor will you
be able to set up further accounts using the mail address .

If you think you have received unfair treatment, you may
apply to have this restriction removed by mailing

FortuneCity Administration

It is obvious to me that the FortuneCity content regulators are a bunch of bigoted morons. I mean, "The Evils of Religion", what is that, anyway? Five out of six people, and nineteen out of twenty North Americans, worship a God or Gods of some sort. I think this kind of over-regulation is disgusting, and it should stop right now. I urge you to email the execs at FC and tell them to stop this over-regulation at once.
If some of you are not convinced that FC is evil, read this next message received by a friend of mine when he tried to get a FC membership:

Your application for FortuneCity membership was denied.

During our background check, we discovered the following
disturbing piece of information about you:

You were born in


Although we are not prejudiced against Africans, we believe
you would not really fit in in our web community. It would
be in your best interest to seek membership in one of our
partner-communities based in Africa.

You will not be able to set up any accounts using the
Email address .

If you think you have received unfair treatment, or if you
believe we may have made an error, you may apply to
have this restriction removed by mailing .

FortuneCity Administration

I believe both the policies that apply here are absolutely vulgar, and I'm surprised nobody has complained about them before.

All of these messages are 100% real, and so are the policies. Please feel free to mail the fortunecity folks at, or if you'd like to get me out of prison, send a message to and tell them: "we want mafia-man out!"

Questions or comments can be sent to:

Note: These messages are fabricated.