Chapter I

One day I was sitting on a bench looking for a bitch. I heard a horn sound in the distance, so I
turned my head  and there she was. She was a Betty, (You know the woman with the perfect body and perfect figure) so fine she came up and sat down next to me. She looked at me and said "Do, you have a smoke." "But of course I do." I replied. "Do you want a cigarette or do you want some Bud?" She looked at me and said "Lets try some bud then maybe some, you know." I looked hard and long and said "FUCK YEAH!" We caught the bus and went back to my apartment. We started to munch. We were so baked. She started to play with Mr. Happy (boy did it get happy). I looked down at her and said "What is your name, there beautiful!" She replied loudly and very sexy "It's Honey, what's yours!" I quickly said through a moan "Big Papa, now lets FUCK!" She looked very surprised that I would say that. After she got over the shock, she tackled me like a very big linebacker. She started to kiss my face then worked her way down. Honey got further down, close to my Johnson, I pulled her up, then it was my turn. As I went down so did her dress, then her bra came off. I licked her titties for a while, then move further down. Her underwear came off no problem because they were very edible. They tasted like fruit, maybe a cherry. As I started to lick her out, she started to moan louder and louder. I was getting hard hearing her moan like that, so I just stuck it in and rode her "until the break of morning."

When I woke up, she was still out I guess I was too much for her. I went out to get some
breakfast and coffee. When I returned, she was up and starting to get dressed. I turned and said "Do you want any breakfast?" "I'm starving!" she expressed. I opened the bag and started to pull out fresh fruit. I took it up to her and started to feed her. She started to moan. I started to think that all she does is moan but what the hell, I like it, it turns me on. She started to feed me. She grabbed a strawberry and rubbed it over her nipple and around my mouth then put it in. That strawberry tasted so good, I had never tasted one that sweet. I went to the bag again pulled out some whip cream the ready to use stuff in a can. I shuck it up, like when she gave me a hand job. I opened it up sprayed it on all her pink parts. I went back to clean up my mess, licking it up so there was not any to be found. She took the can and when to town spraying it all over my body. She licked all of it off. She took her time working her way all over my body, she spent longer sucking it off my dick. When I cam she got even more of a mouthful I looked down to see what she would do with a mouthful of cum. She looked up at me and swallowed it, didn't even hesitate for one second. I thought to myself, dam I have to keep this bitch. After that we went to the bathroom to clean up a bit. She got in the shower, I decided to jump in too, to save water I started to caress her body. She turned around and hopped up and slid right on. She just went insane I didn't know what to do, maybe the fruit had too much sugar. So I just went with the flow and I fucked her brains out. When we were done, we got dried off and she went to bed, I must have wore her out.

I got on the phone to call some more bitches, so we can have a great big orgy. In two hours I had six more bitches at my house, Honey woke up to join the fun and games. The other bitches were Sandra, Candy, Jenny, Jessie, Amy and Kelli. All seven of then came up to me like raging beasts. They tore off my cloths. They started to molest me, I fucking loved it, it was just great. Some of then started to dike, but the others were still all over me. I just laid there while they did all the work, that's the way to have sex. This lasted for eight hours with no fifteen min. breaks. I almost passed out, but I held on for dear life. They put on lubricant to stop the hard skin burns. It also helps keep it hard for hours. Afterwards all of us were so tired and hungry, so I went out to get some food Jessie asked if she go. I told her "No problem." She got in my Pinto, I started it and we were off. My zipper was down, Jessie started to suck in and out, no teeth, that's the right one for me. When I shot my wade she started to choke, but she got over it. We pulled up to Papa John's, we got nine large pizzas, Twenty-one bread sticks and lots of hot melted butter for the bread sticks. It didn't take that long to get back after we got the pizza. We walked in the rest of them were watching a porn movie, as they masturbated. I asked "Who's hungry?" They all said they were hungry. So we started to eat, everyone was hyper so they started to strip. Then they started to pour butter on each other and licked it off. "Save me some bitch" I told them. So they all came over to me as I licked each one in and out. This lasted until the next day, I cannot believe we had that much butter, some where during the night we switched to Ready Whip from that morning. I think if I keep this up, eating all this fatty foods, I will
look like a fat pile of shit. Candy came up to me and said "You don't look too good. May I do something to make you feel better, you name it." I thought long and hard. "Well you could help me to work off some of this weight I put on." I quickly replied. She came over sat on my lap. Candy then started to kiss me all over, nibbling on my ears. She then took off my shirt, and started to kiss my chest. I in return took her shirt off, and I began to suck on her nipples. They slowly turned hard. She moved down and took off my pants. Then began giving me a hand job. I looked down at her and said "69." She just smiled at me. I'll take that as a yes." I smartly replied. I helped her with her skirt. It came off no problem went I ripped it, she didn't say a word she just moaned a lot. I got a menthol cough drop and suck on it as I ate Candy out. I got the greatest buzz ever. She sucked my dick like there was no tomorrow.

The next day everyone left and I had nothing to do. I fell asleep, because I was so bored. I
woke up about 1:50 p.m. from a very loud pound on the door. It was Kelli, she came to thank me for a wonderful time. "Come on in so we can talk or something?" I asked her politely. Kelli came in and sat "Down, so what have you been doing?" Kelli asked curiously. I replied "thinking of you dear." Kelli said "Oh you are so sweet, Come on and fuck me hard." I thought for a second, and then said wisely "Okay!" She came over to me and started to kiss me. I said "Stop. If you want me you'll have to strip for me." Kelli
looked at me and said "FINE!" I popped in some Genuine "Pony." She really got down. She first started to lap dance on me. She started by slowly and erotically taking off her shirt. Kelli then began to take off her shorts. At this time Kelli just had her bra and underwear on. Kelli then started to take off her bra but she had to tease me for a little bit. By now she had it off, she has the pinkest and largest nipples I have ever
seen. She stood up off my lap and took off her underwear. Kelli then began to rub her clit in my
face, so I started to lick it. Her clit is the nicest smelling clit ever, it tastes good too. As I sat there, she took off my pants, then started to kiss the insides of my thigh. Kelli was getting me very warm so I took off my
T-shirt. She started to stroke my shlong, Kelli does this so well. I sat there and tried to relax. I started to fall asleep, I woke up while she started to lick the way up to my neck. I grabbed her by the hair and turned
her around as I started to do her doggy style. Kelli started to moan louder and louder with each
push. Then She started to scream "HARDER, HARDER!" So I rammed it so hard I put her out like a light. "Oh damn!" I thought to myself. So I cuddled up to her and fell a sleep. When I woke up, she was gone, Kelli Left me a letter it read.

Thanks for the great time today. I am so tired, you really know how to putout. Thanks again for the wonderful time.


I laid there and thought "I need a Vacation!" I got on my computer and into the net. I found an
attractive looking Chat Room. (Porns day and night) It was very enjoyable, I was greeted by a woman in her mid. twenties. She started in "I had sex once for 16 hours." I replied "I had seven women at once for eight hours." She said "WOW! Why don't you cum and visit me in Fresno California?" "When do you want me to be there?" I answered back. She said "Oh how stupid of me. My name is Jade. What's yours?" "My name is Ozzie, but everyone calls me Big Papa." I replied. Jade came in and said " Meet me at Me and Ed's downtown Fresno. At 1:30 p.m. sharp in two days." I told her "I'll be there at 1:00 p.m.." Jade said "I'll see you then!" and she left the Chat Room. Then I left the Chat Room and started to pack my bags. I caught the first plane to Fresno out of O'Hare airport.


As I walked into the air port, as far as I could see was nothing but bitches. I couldn't figure out what was going on, I thought I was having a dream. As I got closer to my terminal, the more women I saw.I got to my terminal and there was a big sign that said "THIS PLANE IS BOOKED FOR EXOTIC DANCERS ONLY!" I walked up to the front counter and said "I have a ticket for this plane, but your sign says 'only for exotic dancers.'" The lady at the counter said "Will I guess you were the only one to get on this plane besides them, I hope you don't mind." "No, I don't mind at all." I replied with a big smurk. Suddenly the announcer said "We are now boarding at gate 6969, please have your tickets ready."I walked over to the catwalk that leads to the plane, handed the flight attendant my ticket. She tore off the stub and handed it back saying with a big smile "Have an enjoyable flight." I Thought to myself "Oh I think I will!" As I walked down the catwalk, I could hear many women's voices. When I stepped on the plane and the pilot greeted the people on that was boarding the plane. He looked at me and said "You're one lucky person. You have to be the first guy that I saw board this plane." I told him "They told me that I was the only one on this flight." "Have a lot of fun, because I have to fly the plane." The pilot replied. As I walked down the aisle, it felt like there was 100's of eyes on me. I stopped to look around, it started to get quiet and they were all looking at me with big smiles. I walked a little bit further to fined my seat. It was middle section, middle seat in between the wings. As I sat down these to women sat down one on each side of me. The one to the right said "What the fuck, are you a drag queen or something." "No, I'm just a horny fuck that likes to fuck." I answer back. "So how did you get on this flight?" She asked. "I call and booked a flight to Fresno and this is all they had left. The only one for two days, and I have to be there by tomorrow." I told her. I sat there in misbelieve, all the women were out of this world. The flight attendants were very sexy too. I thought that I should get some sleep, so I call over the flight attendant. I asked her "Could I get a pillow please?" She pushes her way over to me and sets on my lap and pushes her breasts in my face and tells me "Use these for pillow." In the back ground you could hear the others talking about us. She smelt like a field full of flowers that is sweeter then candy. She opened up her blouse and her bra, her nipple were the size ofsilver dollars. They here in my face, so I licked they slowly and gently. She whispered to me "Keep it up. It feels so good, don't stop." I started to sense the other women on the plane were starting to get jealous. I could hear in the back ground "What a fucking bitch, she thinks she can have him too her self." So I stopped and Stood up and yelled "What, do all of you want me, then you can have me!" While I was saying this I was taking off my clothes. Someone in the back of the plane turned on a radio, it was playing "Ride The Train" by Quad City DJ's. I guess all of them want to ride my train because I got thrown up against the seats. I yelled "Stop! Who wants to see Mr. Happy and his two nutty friends." "Oh, shit!" I screamed in delight. They came running at me, all of them. They were stripping as they ran to me. I thought to myself "Talented bitches aren't they." They hit me like a ton of bricks. One of the flight attendants yell "Stop! We should make it fair so no one gets hurt. One at a time, I'm first." She hopped on and off, everyone did that. My dick started to feel like a Pogo Stick. The pilot came back to get a cup of coffee and he couldn't find anyone. He walked back further and all he could see was naked women. He was at the end of the line. He dropped his fly and bent the bitch of and started to bang her hard. I could hear her moan way in the back of the plane. I could see the pilot move his way up the line banging all the bitches. I looked up and yelled "Hay, who's flying the plane asshole. Stop! You're wearing all my bitches out." The pilot yells furiously "Fuck off porn man!" I just thought, if he fucks some then I don't have to fuck all of them. So I shouted back "Fuck it, fuck as many as you can. I'm starting to feel fatigued." This one bitch came up to me sat on Mr. Happy. She was thee most beautiful women I had ever saw in my life. She 5'10", 110 lb., big busted and very blond. She didn't act very blond. After her I took a twenty min. break to rest my dick, it was getting raw. I sat there talking to her, she had a 4.0 GPA all through high school and college. I asked "Why don't you get a good paying job in an office?" She replied "I like to dance and show off my body to horny old people." "I'm sorry what's your name? Mine is Sugar." She asked. I told her "Just call me Big Papa." I really couldn't believe how intelligent she was. When I resumed, one of the flight attendants came up to me and started to give me head. I could've killed her. She fucking scrapped so hard, I just wanted to rip her hair out. So I told her to go over and suck the pilots dick he likes that kind of stuff. She pushed her way up to the front of the pilots line, I could hear him scream, I started to laugh the women said disappointed "Is there something wrong." "No, no Your perfect." I told her politely. She hoped on like a wild Stallion, she was too. One of the flight attendants put a porno in and all the TVS were showing the movie, it was a good one too. The movie had a lot of sex, they diked a lot, That was all good. Then some of the women on the plane started to dike that was awesome. Over the PA the captain said "We are no entering Fresno, would all the flight attendants make sure everyone is in their seat. And would my other pilot come to the cockpit please, now!" I never left my seat so I just stayed there and the women did to. The landing helped us out and she started to scream for some reason. I thought will she was very tight maybe she's a virgin. She looked at me and said "I'm a virgin." I felt like yelling "Yes." But I didn't. The plane taxied to the terminal as she got off. I went to the bathroom to clean up a little bit. I tried to be the first one off the plane, shit no such luck. All the women chased me down the catwalk they caught me in the airport. All of them wanted to give me something. Some gave me their underwear, bras, and some just gave me a big fuckn' kiss, witch was fine with me. So after I got my bags I called down a taxi to get a ride to Me and Ed's.

Chapter III

As I got to Me and Ed's I got out of the Taxi and waited for a beautiful women. I hear someone speak unsurely "Ozzie!?" I turned around and I said in surprise "Jade!" I said "yes" and so did she. She told me she had been fantasizing of this day sense I talked to her on the net. Jade was a very tall, about six feet tall. She is blond and very big breasted. Come on lets go for a ride. I told her lets eat first I've been on a plane five hours. She replied "Of course we can eat. Where do you what to go." "I haven eaten at Me and Ed's in ever, lets just eat here." I told her with care. We walked in and ordered our food and sat down. She said "lets go into the game room." I quickly got up and followed her. Jade was one of those women that took control. Boy do I ever like that in a women. As I walked into the door she grabbed me and started to kiss me. I read somewhere that you can tell how well someone is in bed by the way they kiss. This is going to be a great fuck. The waiter came in to tell us the food is done. She got off me and we went and ate. Afterwards we paid and left. She asked me "Where do you want to fuck my brains out!" "Well" I replied "I don't exactly have a home here in Cali. So lets go to yours." She quickly answered "O.K.!" So we got into her car, it was a Pontiac Trans Am, it was a very cool car. She ripped out of the parking lot and down the road. About ten-min. later she pulled into a driveway, it was a very long driveway, and she pulled up to a huge house. She told me on the way it was big, it was 3 stories tall it had a swimming pool, hot tube, and a sauna. She showed me around the house and the yard. I asked where she got the money for all of this, she told me she owns a chain of Exotic Dance club, they are called sHooters. I looked at here in surprise, there's one about three blocks from my apartment. Jade replied back "That's where it all started for me, it use to be De Javo. I started dancing there when I was sixteen and I had two other day jobs, one at Burger King, and the other was at Dayton's, in the jewelry department. I got enough money by save and put it away in Banks and high interest rating saving accounts. Then I bought it on a land contract, I had it paid off in two months. When I got more money I bought another building and opened another bar and Exotic dance club and so on and so forth. Now I have twenty-five club that I own in the U.S. O.K. enough small talk lets fuck."Where?" I calmly asked. She pulled me close and started to lick my ear. I grabbed her gently

Just So you know that I Wrote this when I was in High school 'cause I was REALLY bored in Study Hall and I was a really sexually deprived person then. (oh wait I still am)