Please note that this is subject to change as resources and time restrictions change.

We have already finished two prototypes, which were built to compete in an IEEE event. In this competition, Marvin competed against other robots, one at a time, to collect balls in a 8-foot by 8-foot arena. The robots were to be no larger than a foot squared and 18 inches high.

Our next undertaking will be to create multiple other Marvin units, so that they will interact to accomplish a goal, or fight each other using laser pulses.

The first implimentation will be a hovercraft, with 6 external I/O ports. It will have both land and sea capabilities. Here is an older Conceptual drawing, and here is a newer one.

The next will be a tank. It will have 6-8 external I/O ports for devices. Conceptual drawing

The last and most impressive vehicle will be what we call an E.A.U.W. This stands for Electronic Aerial Unmanned Warcraft. This vehicle will FLY, and using its superior abilities, it will be able to hit targets with more efficiency than any other Marvin unit. Design options include a jumpjet or a helicopter. The E.A.U.W. will have a total of 32 I/O ports, whatever is not used for internal I/O will be used for external I/O. Conceptual drawing

If time (and money) permits, we will modify an AT-AT (from Star Wars) to act as a moving, responding target for the Marvin Units. This will use a Marvin core as well. This is looking less likely as time goes on.

The completion of these robots may not be in chronological order as they are stated here. All robots will be build simultaniuosly; each member of the team who wishes to keep a robot must build his own for the most part. (this way if someone slacks, other robots are not affected...) ;) Team members will build parts for each other, such as nav systems, gear boxes, weapon systems, environment systems and so forth. This should go on even after members of the team graduate from college.


The prototypes are completed. information on the prototypes can be found in the "showcase" off of our main page..

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