Marvin: A robot from the TI92
Showing the TRUE POWER of the TI92

New 68000 Robotic Core (name not decided :)
Setting the standard in hobbyist robotic controllers
This and other robotic kits and accessories available soon at:

Current highlights:

Check out Calan's FLYING robotic project here!!

On April 17, 1999 Marvin won FIRST PLACE in the IEEE Region 2 Hardware Contest, and gets a front-page article in the Geneva's newspaper, The Cabinet! Find out about this year's and last year's robot in our showcase.

Announcement: Marvin has officially decided to not compete in the year 2000 in the IEEE Region 2 Hardware Competition. Along with this sad news comes some good. The Marvin team no longer must be sworn to secrecy and can now accept new members from around the globe.

Announcement: The Marvin team has decided to build a 68000 core that does not use a TI92. Every attempt is being made to make this compatible with TI92 cores. This core should be significantly cheaper than a TI92 core UNLESS you already own a TI92 and are willing to modify it.

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General description
Pinouts of chips in TI92
Marvin's Pinouts, INCLUDING Marvin's port expander pinouts.
How we plan to program Marvin; our current progress
Different designs for Marvin
Pictures of our progress
Finished robots "showcase"

Find out about Fargo and the TI92 at TICALC
IEEE Hardware Contest

Members involved

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Political views of the Marvin Team

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