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Buddhist Discussion Forum .new.gif (947 bytes) Make your right speech. This is the place for you to share and discuss your way of practice with persons who care for helping you cultivate Dhamma.

Meditation Tips Forum  new.gif (947 bytes) Improve your meditating here. This is also the place for sharing your real experience and story relating with practical meditation.

Law of Karma Forum  new.gif (947 bytes) Learn the action of karma here. This is also the place for sharing your real experience and story relating with the law of karma and practical Dhamma for persons who care for learning and listening to you than to discuss or agree or disagree with you.

For International Buddhist

100 Streams of Samadhi Just this one is in Thai Language


Dhamma writings and my collections from Buddhism Depot

Dhamma is the most precious asset so instead of letting it disappear from the forum through time, it has been preserved here for the benefit of all.


Things that push me away from the path! 

Astrology, Excel, and belief


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Meditation, Excel, and Astrology

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