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Download Idea and program realisation - E.A.Eremin.

New version 1.02 is now available!

Here I want to present my new program for IBM PC Windows - "System Builder" ("SB"). It is dedicated to objects - one of the fundamental concepts of computer science. But don't be afraid of complexity - "SB" is a software for beginners! It is specially desighed to work in easy and amusing manner. It may sounds improbable, but you can even learn objects building a simple computer game! (Do you agree that every game episode is a virtual world from different objects?)

Objects are widely used in modern software - not only in programming but practically in all software systems, such as Windows 95 or later, MS Office etc. Let's remember, for example, such Windows objects as documents, folders, printers, "my computer" object and others. All of them have properties and when we change them, their behaviour is changing.

Object concept is also useful in other disciplines: let's mention physics and biology for example.

So I offer you an original way to learn objects: it's a special educational computer program. It allows to construct virtual world (system) from different objects on the display screen. "SB" can be use for understanding of object slant to the phenomenon analysis as well as for introduction to modern programming systems like Delphi and Visual Basic.

"System Builder" was prepared to be presented on the international conference Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education in Helsinki, Finland (July 11-13, 2000).

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