"The Ventures": MIDI files

Here are the most well-known melodies, performed by "The Ventures", presented in the form of MIDI files.

I have found these links, using several search engines during many days. Only several sites have many "Ventures" files. Tipically this group is presented by 2-4 MIDI. Hence there are many identical files, so I had to classify them somehow. I used all information Windows can give about MIDI file: size, play time and even MIDI set. I also wrote my own utility to search for common pieces in files. Maybe it was better to compare music notation somehow, but I don't know, how to do it without special musical software.

In all cases I found information about sequencer of the file I include this data into my tables of links. To my regret it was not often. So if somebody knows any sequencer's name, please E-mail it and I'll immediately add it.

I haven't change any byte in any file saved on my site. But file names are slightly changed sometimes (for example, converted all capital letters to small for more easy linking). I keeped all the links I found because Web-pages disappeares often.

I found so many MIDI files in the Net, that I suppose all of them to be "public domain". If I'm wrong in the case of some files, please let me know, using E-mail above.

Clicking on the picture [example] below, you can listen the melody I consider to be best and close to "The Ventures" performance. But of course you can follow the text links, get other files with this track and estimate them yourself - some arrangements also sounds excellent.

And now let's enjoy remarkable "Ventures" music!

First of all, "The Ventures" hits:
play it! Apache
play it! Hawaii Five-0
play it! Pipeline
play it! Walk Don't Run
Listen to Ventures!

Now some more famous excellent melodies:
play it! Diamond Head
play it! Penetration
play it! Perfidia ** - from the kind permission of sequencer
play it! Slaughter on 10th Avenue
play it! Telstar
play it! The Cruel Sea
play it! The Lonely Bull *
play it! Wheels *
play it! Wipe Out

And at last more rare tracks
(the authors of the pages put them as "The Ventures" music):
play it! Amapola
play it! Grandma Got Run Over
play it! Green Onions *
play it! Johnny Guitar
play it! Manchurian Beat
play it! Mission Impossible
play it! Quartermaster Stores
play it! She Blinded Me With Science
play it! The Good The Bad and The Ugly
play it! Wild Thing

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