"The Ventures" Music Box

(my old little program - free)
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"The Ventures" Music Box is a little program to listen "Ventures" melodies, saved as MIDI files. Their remarkable guitar music can be a nice background for any computer work.

I devoted this program to the 40th anniversary of the first disk of the "The Ventures", called "Walk Don't Run" (as you probably remember, it appeared in 1960).

I wanted to remove this page in the end of 2001, but discovered that some people visit it from time to time. So I'll keep it. As program brought me zero income (absolutely zero!), I decided to make it free now.

The software is tested in Windows 9X. I'm not fully sure about other platforms.

Here is the Music Box view:

screen capture

You can download the program right now and try it. Maybe you'll find useful some support notes.