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June 3, 2002
Woah, its been quite a while since I've updated this page :) I've added a couple new games that I happened to have lying around. Square Duel is pretty good except for the computer player. Peg Solitare is okay, but somewhat "incomplete" feeling :) Anyways, I hope you enjoy them. I'll probably be back in another year or two to update the page again :)
March 10, 2001
I have finally been able to fix the problem for Netscape users who were unable to view this web site. You may also notice that the game downloads are no longer self-extracting executables. For some reason, the Tripod account where they were stored at has been terminated. It may be a while before I can put the programs in self installing .exe's again, so instead, I have made .zip files of all of my games. (Geocities will not allow .exe files for security reasons.) I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.
December 20, 2000
I have finally been able to put some more work into my page now that christmas break has started. I have re-designed the layout of the site and added a few more pages to the links section. This summer I worked on a network playable version of Elimination, wich I had hoped to release much earlier than this but, among other things, school seemed to keep getting in the way. Parts of the game such as help files may be a little incomplete, but there should be enogh there to figure out how to work the game :) I hope you enjoy it.
April 30, 2000
Crystal Hunt is finally completed (or at least as much as it will ever be :) I have changed all of the downloads to auto-installing .exe files so it should hopefully make it easier for you to install them. For anyone interested, the program I used to make the auto-installing files is called Paquet Builder and can be found here. It seems to be one of the better ones that I have used so far.
Febuary 27, 2000
I have decided to start using this page to show all of the games that I have worked on instead of just Elimination II. The games are listed in chronological order, with my earliest one at the top. My newest creation, Crystal Hunt should hopefully be completed by mid April. (I really have to meet that deadline this time, the school competition I'm going to enter in it will be held in April.) Although I still might modify the code afterwards :) Hope you like everything here.
January 1, 2000
Sorry for disappearing for so long. School has gotten in the way of me being able to put much time into working on my own projects, but since I am currently on Christmas break, I have been able to finish working on this page and put the final touches on the program. Also, I have decided to release the game as freeware. You can click on the download button to the left or click here to download the file (the download page has instructions on how to install the game, if you need them) I hope you enjoy the game, sorry for taking so long :)
October 22, 1999
I have run into a few "technical difficulties" with my computer, I am in the process of re-making files that I had forgotten to make backup copies of. Fortunately, I had a backup of all of the Elimination source code, but I neglected to save copies of other files, such as the text files that go with the program, or the re-designed web page. I am hoping this will not take too long, I apologize for the delay.
September 23, 1999
It has been a little while since I have posted an update, so I will make one now :) Most if not all of the code is complete. All I have remaining to do is proofread the text in the program and get the completed music. I finally decided that using MP3 format would not be a good idea, especially because some computers don't have the newer Windows Media Player, also it would have caused the program to take much longer to download. So far the MIDI music I have been given is pretty good, even on lesser sound cards like my own :) I am hoping I will be able to have everything put together within a few weeks.
August 17, 1999
I am getting some work done on making computer player 'smarter'. Currently it is probably about as smart as the original Elimination's, but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it a whole lot better that. I also got around to getting most of the help section to work. I am still looking for people to test the game, if anyone is interested, let me know.
August 7, 1999
Recently I have begun work on the computer player. It is not very 'intelligent' for now, so I still have a lot of work to do on it.
July 28, 1999
I have finally completed most every thing except the help file and the computer player. Currently I am looking for people to test the game as it is so far, if you are interested, e-mail me or find me on ICQ, my number is 39410050. Please make sure to tell me your computers configuration.
July 1, 1999
Now I'm getting to the good stuff. Today I have started work on the game board. Up until this point, I have been working on the other aspects of the game such as displaying the player info, the toolbar, and rolling the dice at the beginning of the game. After I am done with the board, I will probably get to work on loading and saving games.
June 13, 1999
Finally, I started work on the program itself. This is actually my third try, the other two had some problems, so I decided since there was not much there anyway to start over. Hopefully the third time will be the charm as they say.
June 11, 1999
I've been working on some drawings for different parts of the game, such as the help screen and the screens for loading and saving games, to see how they will look. So far they seem to be working out.
June 4, 1999
I have been doing a little changing around of my web pages, I moved some of the stuff to the top and removed a few paragraphs so that I could write my current progress on the game here. As of now, there is not much working in the game except the sound and music.

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