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June 20, 2001: It's been a long time since I was here.  I have done a little bit of work though.  I've changed the format of the site a little bit, put up a review of The Gunslinger up, and a little bit of extra news...oh hell, I've got a lot of news!!  My name is on Kevin Quigley's site, the site that King expert Stephen Spignesi has deemed as possibly being the greatest SK fansite of all.  For more info on why I'm mentioned in his site, check out the SK News column.  I would like to thank him for getting the info out in the mainstream, since I don't get any traffic here.
June 20, 2001: A lot of news-worthy stuff has occured over the past few months, so this will be abbreviated.  According to Peter Straub, Black House was completed in mid-April, and is well ahead of schedule.  Look for the 640 page behemoth at your local bookstore on Sep 12.  On Writing is now out in paperback, as is Secret Windows, which is only available here.  I picked up Spignesi's new book, The Essential Stephen King.  Excellent book.  I had my doubts, since it seemed to just be about somebody else's opinions, but these were soon trashed.  Very informative book.  Go get it!!!
Ok, here is where I step into the news.  The deal is, a book is being released in January by Hyperion called
The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, who is a fictional character from the upcoming King mini-series Rose Red.  The book is edited by a "Dr. Joyce Reardon", with no sign of the King name on it.  I did a little checkup on "J.R.", and found a woman by that name that does Bible Study meetings in Bangor, Maine (King's home town).  Coincidence, or a connection to King?  I don't know, but check out the news at Kev's site.
March 20, 2001:
DREAMCATCHER IS OUT!!!  Go get it now! I command you!
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