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APServer - Caller ID Detector with Answering Machine is an application designed to manage your incoming phone calls

  • The program stays out of the way in the System Tray area of the Windows taskbar until it receives a call
  • Provides pop up window displaing caller ID information when call is received. APServer can pronounce this by human voice.
  • Logs the call and plays the melody associated with that phone number.
  • Answering machine plays melody, wav-file with your greeting, text with your greeting, and records the message.
  • The message files are common wav-files.
  • You can configure the answering machine with a maximum recording time.
  • APServer can record your phone conversations or play them through your sound card.
  • You can also specify blacklisted phone numbers, and the program will ignore or hang up on them.
  • All sounds, greeting messages, voice messages can be customized for each phone number.
  • There is a Modem Wizard feature which can find your modem's COM-port and command set.
  • The program also feature detailed phone book for you to keep track of your callers' personal information (such as e-mail address and Web page).
  • Different sounds for different phone numbers. You will know who is calling even if you don't see the number.
  • Program work with three CID types
    - american CID - caller ID service provided by phone company.
    - russian APServer - works in the ex-ussr teritory and some other contries.
    - hardware APServer - build-in russian APServer in the modem.
  • When your dialer goes to call your ISP, APServer automatically frees the COM port. It then waits for you to disconnect, at which time APServer is once again ready to handle your incoming calls.
  • ISP Dialer: This is a kind of Windows Dial-Up Networking expansion. It can handle all your ISP telephone numbers (up to several thousands) auto retry the next number after the first one failed, for example: line busy or bad connection.
  • There are many other features !


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