My Cel site has MOVED!  ^_^ Moved right on over to my domain. Click
below to check it out!

However, my wishlist (a better version of it anyhow) is still located here.  So, if
you want to attempt a trade, you better check it out.

My Wishlist



~6-4-01 - Check out my new Sailor Pluto Cel.  It is gorgeous! ^_~

~5-29-01 - Got rid of all of my cels for sale, and a few others, on Ebay.  I am
going to miss my Vegeta cel a lot, but I'll get a better one to put up soon.

~2-18-01 - I added my Cels For Sale section with some great cels. I'm sad
to see some of them go, but I need some cash.

~ 2-07-01 - just added two new sections and three new cels. One cel of Dark
Schneider from Bastard!!, one of Gene & Jim from Outlaw Star, and one of Gene
w/o a shirt holding his underwear from Outlaw Star

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