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These are some of the files that you need to check the spelling and grammar of Microsoft Word documents.
They have all been "zipped". This is both to save time downloading, and, because they are essentially text files, some web browsers will not download them, but just show the contents on your screen.
Once you have downloaded into a temporary directory (and un zipped) your files, they should be put in a Directory named "PROOF" -
For Word 7 and Office 97, it is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof.
For Word 6.0, it is C:\windows\msapps\proof

I rated with RSACi I am sorry, but I'm not an expert and can't provide any technical help - I only provide the files.

Try or for files that I have not got space for ....


File 1 (650 kb)
File 2 (564 kb)
File 3 (726 kb)

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File 1 (788 kb)
File 2 (464 kb)
File 3 (905 kb)


Finnish (official) supplier


File 1 (746 kb)
File 2 (962 kb)
File 3 (865 kb)


File 1 (799 kb)
File 2 (867 kb)


File 1 (1,110 kb)
File 2 (293 kb)


File 1 (724 kb)
File 2 (657 kb)
File 3 (715 kb)

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