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OSS Do you regularly check OSS for patches? Newly discovered bugs can cause serious problems in your system. Sometimes SAP even has to patch a patch. A patch that you install may later be found to cause another problem in R/3.
Be sure to regularly check OSS for new patches, and fixes/updates to patches. 

An example of one problem in SAP that can catch you by surprise:
SAP cannot pay more than 8000 - 9000 items on one payment document. There cannot be more than 8000 - 9000 exceptions for one vendor on a payment run. The entire payment run will abend due to a memory constraint. SAP has not resolved this problem in any release. This is release independent. See OSS for details on workarounds.

Have you gone into OSS to get the latest Y2K patches and information?

Version 3.0D can double print checks and double create EDI payments. See OSS.

OSS also contains useful information and documentation. 

OSS on the internet   - you need an ID which you get from your employer. Or logon to OSS from within your SAP system via transaction OSS1.

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Book Selection:
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- Configuring Sap R/3 Fi/Co (Sap) by Hurst, Nowak, Quentin Hurst, David Nowak ((February 2000)
- Sap Finance and Controlling (Erp Series) by John Phillips (October 1999)
- Essential Guide to Reporting in SAP R/3 by Prima-Tech  (December 1999)
- SAP R/3 Reporting by Thomas Curran, Andrew Ladd (November 15, 1999)
- Sap R/3 System : An Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning by Rudiger Buck-Emden  (December 1999)
- Business Information Warehouse for Sap by Naeem Hashmi (February 2, 2000)
- Oracle Sap Administration by Donald K. Burleson (October 1999)
- SAP R/3 Business Blueprint - The Complete Video Course by Thomas Curran (October 15, 1999)
- SAP R/3 Change and Transport Management: The Official SAP Guide by Sue McFarland, Susanne Roehrs (Jan 2000)
- Sap Workbench Organizer (Erp Series) by Jacob George (October 1999)
- Software Development for Sap R/3 : Data Dictionary, Abap/4, Interfaces by Ulrich Mende (November 1999)

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SAP CONSULTING Becoming an SAP Consultant by Gareth M de Bruyn, Ken Kroes Hardcover - 288 pages (May 5, 1999) 
Guide to becoming, working as, or dealing with an SAP R/3 consultant. Topics range from good consultant etiquette and interviewing strategies, to tax tips for running a consultant's business. 
SAP CONSULTING SAP Consultant Handbook by Jon Reed, Michael Doane 260 pages (March 1, 1999) career guidebook & source for SAP & ERP consultants,  career navigation, prolongation, & salary/rates negotiations
BREAKING INTO SAP 5 Steps to an SAP Career - Your Guide to Breaking into SAP
                     by Kathryn E. Park, Robert S. Park (Editor) 
Paperback - 120 pages 1 edition - Publication date September 1999.
SAP ALE & EDI Sap R/3 Ale & Edi Technologies (Sap Technical Expert Series) by Rajeev Kasturi ALE (Application Link Enabling) and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
SAP ALE & EDI ALE, EDI & IDoc Technologies for SAP by Arvind Nagpal 
use this knowledge to configure standard ALE and EDI scenarios, and develop custom scenarios by extending or developing new IDocs for different business situations. Prima Tech's expert SAP author covers every detail of the ALE and EDI planning and implementation stages, including all technical and business issues. 
COMMAND REFERENCE Sap R/3 Abap/4 : Command Reference by Dennis Barrett 
Yes, I have found the info in this book in the SAP online help, but it was not easy or fast. For example, three team members spent 15 minutes looking for some technical information in the SAP R/3 online help before they found what they were looking for, and I found it in 15 seconds in the book.
ORACLE Oracle Sql High-Performance Tuning  by Guy Harrison (Optimizing SQL code)
SAPSCRIPT  SAPscript by Michaelson Buchanan  272 pages Bk&Cd Rom edition (February 1999) A step-by-step guide to how SAPscript works, The CD-ROM includes working examples 
SAPSCRIPT SAPscript Made Easy 4.0B 
                     by Inc. R/3 Simplification Group SAP Labs 
Paperback - 270 pages (July 30, 1999) 
how to do most common task (moving/adding fields, printing bar codes &/or company logos etc.). Adapt forms quicker & more efficiently by using the new graphical WYSIWYG-based tools Form Painter and PC Editor. 
SAPSCRIPT Printout Design Made Easy 3.1 H  by R/3 Simplification Group SAP Labs Inc. 
REPORTING IN R/3 R/3 Reporting Made Easy Guidebook (3-Volume Set) By R/3 Simplification Group SAP Labs Inc., Inc. R/3 Simplification Group SAP Labs 
ABAP - ADVANCED  Advanced Abap/4 Programming for Sap 
by Gareth M de Bruyn, Robert Lyfareff  550 pages (July 1999) 
BASIS Basis Administration for Sap 
by Robert Parkinson, Johan Marneweck, Victor Wood 
700 pages (July 1999) 
interesting book on technology - not an SAP book High Tech: The Vault Reports Career Guide to the High Tech Industry, an industry Guide for Job Seekers
A review of America's top computer, software, and Internet employers, from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley. Includes information on each company's history, business, departments, hiring process, culture, benefits, pay, and more. Enriched with responses from thousands of insider interviews. Also includes sidebars offering career advice and inspirational stories of celebrities and CEOs. 
R/3 for dummies w/ CD ROM SAP R/3 Administration For Dummies® 
                     by Joey Hirao, Jim Meade, James G. Meade 
PERFORMANCE  - SAP R/3 Performance Optimization With CDROM by Thomas Schneider

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