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PIX2 v1.4.1 is Released!

Well, after just a couple days of the release of PIX2v1.3.1, PIX v1.4.1 is released! This version only has one major changeto it. It includes a new module for using XMS memory. It has been written in a way so that its very easy to use, and the function calls for it arebasically the same if you were using the normal getmem(), etc... functions.Its a nice addition to the kernel by Jonathan.  
NOTE: there is a bug in the Pix2Main.Pas file. Ifyou have already downloaded the PIX2V141.ZIP file download the new pix2main.pas here! (zipped) otherwise just download the PIX2.ZIP that is currently on the download page. 

You can nowcontact Jonathan, myself (Jason), and possibly other PIX people via the ICQ network. If you have not heard ofor use this great program. I highly suggest getting it NOW. Its basicallyyour very own pager for the internet. Just search our names in the ICQ network or get our UIN#'s in the CONTRIBUTORS SECTION below. 
RECENTNEWS - Updated Wensday, June 25th, 1997
  • (june 25)
    • PIX2 v1.4.1 is released.
  • (june 20)
    • PIX2 v1.3.1 Final is released.
  • (june 11) 
    • Our web page gets a MAJOR overhaul by Jason. It looks much more professional now I think =).
  • (june 1) 
    • Pix2 is now in it's Pre-Final version 1.3.0. Get info and download it here.
Pix is a "game kernel", written for TP/BP7, and currently being ported to C. Sure there are a lot of othergame kernels out there, but this one is slightly different then most. It's developed by anybody who wants to on the web. Jonathan Nicholas personally started the core of it, and many people joined and programmed more modules.So we could say it's made BY programmers FOR programmers! One of the bestthings about this library is its totally FREE! You can use PIX in yourgame, for either personal or commercial uses, without any charge or obligations.Ofcourse all the programmers who have worked on this project would appreciate that you mention you used PIX in your game's credits. 

PIX is a "work in progress" meaning it is not finished, and probably never will be. You should be aware that through the course of its lifethe kit will change, and sometimes the function calls may change also,but we try our best to keep that to a minimum. 

People who have contributed to PIX in some way: 
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