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3D Vivid Sparks is an amazing and psychedelic screen saver for Windows 95 and Windows NT operation systems. For the first time 3D Vivid Sparks has been introduced in bCAD for DOS. After bCAD for Windows release many of our customers were asking about their favorite screen saver. Now it is available and not only for bCAD users but for everyone! You will see especialy impressive show if Microsoft DirectDraw is installed on your system.

Installation instructions

  1. After you downloaded 3D Vivid Sparks ZIP file - unZIP it.
  2. Copy the 3D Vivid Sparks.scr file to either Windows (for NT users WinNT) or Windows\System (for NT users WinNT\System32) folder.
  3. Click right mouse button on the Windows desktop - a menu appears. Choose Properties option.
  4. In the Display properties dialogue box change to Screen saver section.
  5. From the list of screen saver select 3D Vivid Sparks.
  6. Check the screen saver look by pressing the Preview button.
  7. If necessary press the Settings button and and change 3D Vivd Sparks options.

Note: DirectDraw specific options are available only if Microsoft DirectDraw has been installed on your computer (Windows NT includes DirectDraw by default).


3D Vivid Sparks is a FREE software so you can download and use it without any payment.

3D Vivid Sparks (.ZIP file 20 Kb) contains screen saver .SCR executable and ReadMe.txt file.



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