SCMPOO is a non-repetitive, interactive application that plays in the mountain pastures of your desktop. When you take a SCMPOO home, be prepared for hours of hilarious antics!

Your SCMPOO will have hours of enjoyment climbing the rocky crags of your windows, searching for his favorite daisies to eat, leaping, somersaulting and generally running amok on your screen as only a virtual sheep can do! Food and water is not needed for the proper care of your SCMPOO, only a quiet room (when he naps) and an occasional newspaper on the floor (oops!)is required. But those are only SOME of the things SCMPOO can do…..

Watch SCMPOO have incredible adventures, hang for dear life from the corners of your windows, catch fire upon re-entry and even get abducted by a UFO! And, just as with any family, SCMPOO has a black sheep in his, that appears at the MOST embarrassing moments.



With your mouse simply pick him up and do with him as you please. Drop him,.. will he land? will he bounce? will he smash his head open? Try putting him on an open minimized window, then closing or moving the window


Try Dragging a Desktop Icon into SCMPOO, he will have a munch, then return the icon to it's rightful place.


Keep clicking on the SCMPOO.EXE file to create up to 9 sheep at once, (total chaos)


Double Click on Scmpoo to open a simple commands window, as shown below.


SOUND        = Toggles sounds, (e.g.. sneezing, crying) on/off.

 ALARM       = Scmpoo will BAAH! at you every hour.

 NO SLEEP = Scmpoo won't sleep?

 G-FORCE  = Toggles Gravity (falling) on/off.

 OK               = Confirm and Activate Selections.

 CANCEL    = Close Window.

 HELP          = Activate SCMPOO HELP file (which no-one seems to have?)
                        (Please Email us if you have it!)

 REMOVE    = Removes SCMPOO from your desktop.



 Hold down CTRL, SHIFT, and ALT together, then double click on SCMPOO to open the window shown below. This window will make SCMPOO do any of his 30 tricks on request.



SCMPOO will make you laugh,

SCMPOO will make you cry,

SCMPOO will make you say "ooooooooh how cuuuuuuute"!!

Take one home today!

Have YOU been SCMPOO'ed yet?

Download SCMPOO (Screen Mate Poo) Here!

This is an altered English version of SCMPOO, the original Japanese version and many other cool products can be found at Village Center inc.