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Six Flags Railroad- Train Tours around the park. Loading stations include the Rabun Gap station and Marthasville. The Gretta is currently the only operating locomotive.
Location: Rabun Gap is located just outside out USA across from Lost Parents.
Marthasville is across from
Acrophobia a and near the Dahlonega Mine Train.
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Monster Plantation - Join the monsters at the mansion for this one-of-kind animatronic ride. Watch the monsters have their celebration, but you take a wrong turn. "Hey! where are you going? Don't go that way! Noooo.... stay out of the marsh. Stay out of the maarsh!" Before you know it, you are riding down the river through the haunted forest. "Humans!" O no, those haunted grimlins spot you very qucikly!
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Sky Buckets - A sky high relaxing transport from near acrophobia to the lickskillet section (near DeJaVu)
Location: Confedate Sky buckets are on top of the hill behind
Lickskillet sky buckets are located between the Miner's Cove resturaunt and DaJaVu. Across from the
game Top Glo.
Normal Operation: 12 buckets
High Operation: 16 Buckets
Max Operation: 24 Buckets
The Dodge City Bumper Cars - A classic bumper car ride. Located in the Heart of Cotton States.
Hanson Cars- A gas powered car ride around Carousel Hill. This ride used to be operating where the Georgia Cyclone is currently located until about 1989. Then it was relocated to its current location wraping the beautiful trees and scenery.
Riverview Carousel- In operation since 1908, this theme park landmark is a must ride, handcarved classic.
Up, Up and Away- Fly around and around in a balloon upon Carousel Hill.
Rockin Tugboat-   Climb aboard this tiny tug boat as you set see, simulating all the motions out on the ocean.