Faces of No.
305 Polish Squadron

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RAF Lindholm, probably July 1941.
The S/Ldr Scibior crew: (from left) Sgt Waclaw Rybak gunner, F/O Mieczyslaw Saferna navigator, S/Ldr Szczepan Scibior pilot, F/O Jerzy Sukiennik navigator, Sgt Stefan Tomicki pilot, and Sgt Michal Kowalski wireless operator. The crew shot down over France in Wellington W5593/SM-P on August5, 1941. Saferna, Sukiennik and Rybak were killed, Scibior became POW, while Tomicki and Kowalski evaded capture. (Courtesy of Simon Roguska)

The first four squadron's commanders (from left): Jan Jankowski, Bohdan Kleczynski, Robet Beill and Kazimierz Sniegula. (All pictures via R. Gretzyngier)

And those that followed: Tadeusz Czolowski (via R. Gretzyngier), Kazimierz Konopasek, Boleslaw Orlinski and Stanislaw Grodzicki (via R. Gretzyngier)

W/Cdr Beill (third from left) and his crew. (via R. Gretzyngier)

Left: RAF Lindholm, early 1942. The F/Lt Ostaszewski's crew. Their Wellington Z8438 crash-landed at the aerodrome on March 4th. The aircraft returned from the mission damaged by flak, and hit some building at the end of the runway bursting into flames. F/O Ostaszewski (second from right) F/O Rynkiewicz, P/O Dranicki (first on right), Sgt Bala and Sgt Sasin all died. Sgt Galas (second from left) was safe suffering only minor injuries. Right: P/O Walerian Gidaszewski. Navigator of the Wellington W5423, which the whole crew perished on February 26, 1942, while returning form bombing Cologne.

Left: Two members of the Wellington crew which on 5 March 1943 was despite being badly damaged by flak over target, and then attack by a night fighter was brought back to base: Pilot F/Sgt Kazimierz Artymiuk (left) and Sgt Bronislaw Godlewski, a rear gunner. Godlewski who lost both his arms during that sortie, was a P.A.F. volunteer from U.S.A. Right: Bronilsaw Godlewski receives the highest Polish decoration, Virtuti Militari.

Left: Navigator Alfons Nowak, pilot Kazmierz Kielich and unidentified. (via R. Gretzyngier).Right: Sgt Henryk Kwiatkowski, who piloted bombers for the squadron. He did his second tour with No. 301 Squadron.

(from left) Sgt Chalejka second pilot, Sgt Poniatowski wireless operator, S/Ldr Czolowski pilot, F/O Jezycki navigator, Sgt Zajac and Sgt Wzietek gunners. (via R. Gretzyngier)

Left: navigator, Mieczyslaw Pruszynski. Right: F/Lt Jan Paradysz (left), highly decorated navigator, who flew many missions with the squadron on Wellingtons, Mitchells and Mosquitoes. On his right: pilot F/O Karol Rach.

After war picture of the 305 airmen. First from left F/Lt Paradysz, F/Lt Poplawski, xx, W/Cdr Konopasek. Second from right is Jan Artymiuk, pilot of No. 300 Squadron, who after being shot down in 1941, spent the rest of the war as a POW.
Others are unidentified. Needs info. (via R. Gretzyngier)

Left: Mosquito navigator F/O Zbigniew Groszek (right). Right: Probably Epinoy, France. Group of the 305 airman at the end of the war. In the middle is pilot F/O Waclaw Banaszuk soon after being decorated with DFC. On the right is pilot F/Lt Stefan Rose.

Needs info. Airmen of the 305 at Volkel (Germany), summer 1945. Seating in a middle front row is pilot W/O Mieczyslaw Ligeza. Needs info. (Courtesy of Mike Ligeza)

F/Sgt Hass (left) and F/O Wilczewski formed a crew with a good chemistry.