Papua New Guinea
Kokop Village Eco-Forestry Development Organization (KVEDO), Incorporated seeks foreign volunteers for its various community development projects at Kokop Village in Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. Currently, there is immediate need for volunteer teachers in the new primary school at Kokop Village. Below are the details; read on:

The objective of our volunteer program is basically to bring foreign volunteers that are willing to impart their knowledge, expertise, skills, and exposure to both the participants and recipients of the various community development programs instituted by KVEDO, Inc. in Kokop Village, while making new friends and opening opportunities for further socio-economic developments. 

Our volunteer program is founded on the simple belief that humanity is founded on caring and sharing; without which there is no living and there is no life on earth. Through caring and sharing, communities of people function each day. Caring and sharing is orchestrated principally by good people throughout thee world. Our world is a better place because of good people are willing to care and share with those around them. Our volunteer program offers any good person from foreign countries an opportunity to care and share what blessings one has with the people of Kokop Village and Papua New Guinea.

Kokop Village is the birthplace of the Kentiga Tribe. With a population exceeding 3, 000 people, the Kentiga Tribe has over the many decades sent her children to primary schools that are located many hours of walking distance. Finally, mutual consensus was reached amongst the people and leaders of Kentiga Tribe to build a primary school at Kokop Village.

The idea of establishing a new primary school was raised more than 20 years ago by my father and few other tribal leaders. Due to little support, the idea was shelved. Upon realizing the need, I took it as a personal mission to solicit efforts, resources, and time to help the villagers build the new school. After a long delay, development work is scheduled to commence in June 2004. Two classrooms and two teacherís houses would be built from bush materials while landscaping would be done at the proposed site for the new school. The school would begin with two classes of elementary schoolers. Trial pre-school classes commence in September of 2004. The school would commence officially in January of 2005. 

In the evenings, an adult education program would be in place. This program would bring together all the idle youths from the Kentiga and other neighbouring tribes and provide basic education on how to live profitable lives in the villages.

The new school would be operated by foreign volunteers as administrators and teachers. Volunteers must express interest and be selected by the KVEDO, Inc. Upon selection, volunteers may arrive in Papua New Guinea for a three-month stint at the project site. For every three months, two volunteers are needed. School year begins in January 2005 so volunteers are expected to be on the project site two weeks before their work begins.

Volunteers may originate from any country in the world and MUST speak fluent English. Each volunteer must be above 18 years of age, morally decent, have a passion for native cultures, appreciative of a "backward" lifestyle, and have an open perspective to challenges. One does not need to be a teacher to qualify. Volunteers may be either male or female. Single couples are encouraged to apply. While the Lutheran Church is the main Christian denomination at Kokop Village, a volunteer is not expected to be a Lutheran or religious but at least have some decency, morals, and ethics.

Two new bush material hut-houses would be built for foreign volunteers to reside. These hut houses would be furnished with modern blankets, pillows, bedsheets, towels, furniture, and other needed items. Two persons can share one house or live in two different houses; an open-ended choice. Coleman lamps and torches would be provided to cater for light in the nights. A fully furnished kitchen would be available with gas burner for cooking food. 

The buying and preparation of food for volunteers is not our responsibility. We are willing to offer maids to help cook, clean, and do chores around the house where the volunteers reside. This may be done only on the request of the volunteer. Food may be bought in grocery shops and agriculture produce markets in Mt. Hagen City - 45 minutes drive from Kokop Village.

KVEDO, Inc. does not buy airline tickets for volunteers that agree to teach at Kokop Village. Each volunteer is asked to purchase one's own return tickets. No stipend is provided. No wages or salaries are provided. We ask that you spend three months with us at Kokop Village at your own expense. We only provide you the opportunity to come and help us in our need. While you are here, we will provide you housing, security, and other non-financial things. Transportation the city to the village is operational daily at a very cheap cost, i.e. K2. 00 per trip one way.

During the three month stay at Kokop Village, a volunteer may take the opportunity to explore travel opportunities within Papua New Guinea. One may travel to different parts of the country and enjoy the scenery, landscape, rivers, ocean waves, waterfalls, mountains, gorges, caves, and you name it.

For those volunteers that wish to find employment in Papua New Guinea, KVEDO Inc. would be willing to help you find employment. You must first serve with us at Kokop Village for three months. For those that want to volunteer also in other NGOs or government agencies in Papua New Guinea, we would bewilling to help out.

If you are interested in the volunteer opportunity we provide, please hesitate not to contact us via the following contact name, address, and phone or e-mail:

The Chairman
Post Office Box 1373
Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands Province
Papua New Guinea
Phone: (675) 686 2439 - Mobile
E-mail: skyuimb@hotmail.com OR skyfdn@hotmail.com
If you are not able to volunteer but willing to help, here are ways to offer your help: (1) Send tax-deductible financial donations to KVEDO, Inc. at the above address or call to get the account number to make a wire transfer, (2) Collect library books, video, audio, pictorial charts, etc., and ship it to the above address from your country, (3) Pass the word around your local community about this volunteer opportunity and get volunteers to come over to the project site in Papua New Guinea. Let us know if you wish to offer any one of this ways of help.

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