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Well, I am finally getting to work on this page as I was waiting to get my camera to add pictures so I will at least get this part done.

I will have a page for everyone in my family as soon as I get the pictures up on my computer as well.

I am from Okla City, Oklahoma  and have 2 wonderful daughters & 1 stepdaughter 1 step son;  well actually 4 daughters as I have 2 that I adopted over the years which lives in Ohio right now working as a Psychologist for the State of Ohio.  Sherry is the greatest thing that happened to this family and what a wonderful person she is!  The kind of person everyone needs to have as a friend.   (She is the one that you will see on the next page with the BIG bag of popcorn).  I have 1 grandson so far that is 7 years old and in first grade this year. 
My oldest daughter is 28 and has been married  for 9 years now and of course her husband is a wonderful person. (hehe!)

My other adopted daughter lives here in OKC and works at a Nursing home.  Our  other daughter lives in Arkansas and of course is doing wonderful and just graduated!  She is beautiful as well and has done some modeling...

My oldest daughter is going to college right now to major in bookkeeping and Medical at the time.  She will be graduating January 26, 2001


My youngest daughter, who is 27 is working at a Vetenary Hospital and also works for the FAA part time.  She recently got her CNA degree and will go on from there.
She has been married to a great guy for 4 years now and he works for Hartford Insurance as a Supervisor and does very well.  (I think he is now an underwriter)?

They have no children yet anyway but hopefully they will soon.  They do have 2 of the funniest dogs; Cupid and Tyson and of course they are spoiled rotten.



I can go on and on about my family and our past life's experiences;

I have a friend of mine that wants me to put up my biography of what I have been thru in my life as my experiences might help somebody else that would read it, but; I haven't decided wether or not to do this just yet and it would be soooo long.   I guess as she says' if just 1 sentence that somebody read and it helped them, wouldn't it be worth it?  I do have my weaknesses as I am not perfect but then who is?

She is right as that is what she has done with her website and has helped ALOT of people.  I may do that later on but for now; this is it until I can get the time to do it.