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Michael's Cardcaptors
Over 6,730 Screen Shots and Merchandise Images!
Michael's Gundam Wing
339 Screen Shots
and Other Images!

Michael's Sailor Moon Images
685 Screen Shots
and Other Images!!

Sailor Moon Super S The Movie, will be on the Cartoon Network Friday 11/16/01

Michael's Cubix Images
869 Promo, Commercial,
and Episode Screen Shots

Michael's Super Friends
125 Images (more to come)
Michael's Tenchi Universe
152 Screen Shots Over 14 Pages!

Michael's Slayers Try Images
40 Screen Shots over 6 Pages
Michael's Batman Beyond
JLU Images
Over 90 Screen Shots!!
Michael's Battle of the Planets
Screen Shot Images (in progress)

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The purpose of my web sites is to increase popularity of my favorite shows.
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