Travel Warnings
Safety and Security
There si an increased  risk of terrorism in Southeast Asia, including Thailand. Travelers in Thailand should therefore exercise caution, especially in locations where Westerners congregate.
Theses are such places as:
-places of worship
and other palces frequented by foreigners.

The far south of Thailand has experienced incidents of criminally and politically motivated violence, including incidents attributed to armed local extremist groups. Although these groups focus primarily on Thai government interests, soem of the recent violence in the are has targeted public places, including areas where tourists congregate.
Entry Requirements
U.S. citizen tourists staying for fewer than 30 days do not reuire a visa, but must posses a passport and may be asked to show an onward/return ticket. Trvelers must pa a Passenger Service Charge in Thai baht when departing from any of Thailand's international airports.

When a traveler enters the country, Thai Immigartion stamps in his or her passport the date on which the travelers authorized stay in Thailand will expire. Any
traveler reamining in Thailand beyond this date without having received an official extension will be assessed an immediate cash fine when deprating Thailand.
Crime Information
Crime of opportunity such as:
have become more common in recent years. Travelers should be especially wary when walking in crowded markets, tourist sites and bus or train stations

National Holidays
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